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Groom Away Anti Parasite Spray
Especially for horses and other large animals that suffer from parasitic problems

Item #: GROOMAP 
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Groom Away Mud Repeller & Coat Conditioner
Gloss in a bottle! This all in one fine mist is a professional level grooming product to not only show your horse’s coat at its best but also detangle tails and repel mud, saving hours of grooming time and preventing your horse from becoming sore and sensitive from harsh grooming or losing tail hair.

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Groom Away Showing White 400ml
Groom Away is excited to launch another quality product into Professional Grooming Range. Showing White is a professional concealer used to cover over marks, scars and stray dark hairs as well as to whiten socks and cover over last minute stains.

£11.45 Incl. Vat

Groom Away Show Shimmer 400ml
Ultimate Equine Coat enhancer providing an all over glossy shine to your horses coat, neck, plaits and quarters. Will enhance and sharpen any black points, enriching the depth of colour and shine, resulting in the ultimate professional finish. Will even put a glisten into a grey’s tail. Quick and easy to use in final preparation. Excellent for ‘fixing’ quarter markings.

£11.45 Incl. Vat

Groom Away Every Day Coat Gloss
Groom Away Every Day Coat Gloss for Horses. A non-greasy, non-slip formula for the ultimate high gloss finish. Contains lemongrass essential oil for coat shine and care.

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Groom Away Illuminate 260g
ILLUMINATE is a clear facial highlighter which Illuminates, enhances and defines eyes, muzzle and bone structure giving the finishing touch to show ring turnout. Create an eye catching glisten and glimmer with Illuminate. A little goes a long way.

£9.49 Incl. Vat