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Pets pharmacy Supplies and medication including wormers, flea treatments and veterinary prescription medicine

Established in 1828 and online since 2001 under com we are the first uk online pet pharmacy. We changed to our present UK domain and continued selling veterinary and pet supplies such as wormers including Horse Wormers, as well as parasite control products for pets such as Dog Wormers

For our feline friends we have a great range of Cat Wormers.

Fleas are hosts for tapeworm in dogs and cats so it is important to use suitable Flea Treatments for pets. We also have a great range of Veterinary Diets from top brands including Royal Canin Veterinary Diet and a range of health support food from Hills Prescription Diet.

Known to our customers by our trade marks: Canine ChemistsEquine PharmacyPigeon Pharmacy we have been providing pet supplies longer than anyone can remember. Selling great products including flea treatments such as Advantage Flea Treatment which can be used on dogs cats or rabbits as well as the ever popular Frontline Spot On for dogs and cats. For Worming Drontal Wormer available in tablets and liquid for either dogs or cats or Panacur Wormer available in paste, granules, and liquid suspension are great products. 

Latest Products

JR Ostrich Curls Dog Chews 80g

Our New Ostrich Curls are here! Full of natural vitamins and minerals, they are the perfect anytime snack!


From £7.99 inc. VAT

Airmunch (5 x 1kg blocks)

To help keep your horse from being bored try Airmunch by Equilibrium, its not only delicious but healthy too and even designed for horses and ponies that need respiratory and immunity support.


From £21.00 inc. VAT

Effol Wonder Sponge

It serves as a kind of magic miracle in caring for your horse, the Wonder Sponge by Effol, due to its vacuum packaging and excellent absorbing capacity can be taken with you everywhere.


From £3.85 inc. VAT

Effol SuperFlex Brush

To provides optimum support in grooming the horse the SuperFlex-Brush from Effol combines effectiveness with a comfortable grip with densely-set horse hair bristles adjusts perfectly to the horse’s shape so it removes dirt, hair and fine dust even in places that are hard to reach with conventional brushes. Brilliant care for your horse.


From £22.65 inc. VAT