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Zero In Window Fly Trap (Pack of 3)

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Sale Zero In Window Fly Trap (Pack of 3)

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Zero In Window Fly Trap (Pack of 3)

Zero In Window Fly Traps use natural light to attract insect pests, they are set to a special angle designed to collect dead flies and keep them hidden from sight.

The traps fit easily into the corner of any window using the adhesive fixinig and will keep working up to 4 months after they have been set up. They are great for when insect pests are a problem and poison sprays cannot be used.

*Angle trap design collects dead flies and flying insects and hides them from sight.
*Easy set-up, with long lasting adhesive that keeps working up to 4 months.
*Exclusive gerbera design fits neatly into window corners or other problem areas.
*Flies attracted to natural window light.
*Poison free pest control.

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Just pop in the window, so much better than the hanging fly traps that everyone knocks their heads on!

Reviewed by: Rosemary Elsdon

Reviewed on: 03 December 2019

Product Variant: FLYTRAP

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