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Zero In Cedarwood Refresher Spray 75ml

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Sale Zero In Cedarwood Refresher Spray 75ml

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Zero In Cedarwood Refresher Spray 75ml.

This product utilises 100% natural Eastern Aromatic Red Cedar for the effective control of clothes moths. This product will also work in conjunction with the Cedarwood Clothes Moth Repeller - 24 balls or 12 rings (both sold separately).

Product Features:
Refreshes clothes and also helps prevent build-up of mustiness and mildew.
Can either be sprayed in drawers, cupboards and wardrobe to repel moths.
A completely natural treatment - no dangerous chemicals in this product.
It can be very frustrating to find moths have eaten into your favourite jacket or jumper. The scent of this spray naturally repels clothes moths to protect the contents of your wardrobe. Spray the contents of your cupboard or wardrobe and after time, if you believe the scent is wearing off, then simply refresh it by reapplying the spray. This product will also prolong the life of the Cedarwood Clothes Moth Repeller - 24 balls or 12 rings products (both sold separately). Simply spray the balls or rings to replenish their scent and protect your clothes against moths.

Height 12cm (5"), Width 4cm (2"), Length 4cm (2")

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