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Thrive Gold – for Cattle
A nutritional product containing all common vitamins, amino acids & trace elements

Ideal for cows pre-calving, cows pre-service and calves from 1 month old
Maximise growth & thrifiness in cattle
Bioavailable multi vitamins and chelated trace elements
Suitable for dry cattle
Concentrated Energy source
Can be used as an oral drench or in feed, drinking water and milk
Contains amino acids

Administer orally by drenching (a multi-dose drenching gun is ideal) or add the recommended level to cereal/feed or through a mixer wagon; ensure accurate intake is achieved.

Young Calves: Drench all calves at 2 weeks with 20 ml and at 12 weeks with 30 ml.
Growing and Finishing Cattle: Drench all suckler calves before or at weaning.
Finishing cattle or replacement heifers every 3 months or as required.

Live-weight      Amount                       Live-weight      Amount

150kg              30 ml                           400kg              60 ml

200kg              40 ml                           500kg              70 ml

300kg              50 ml                           600kg              80 ml

Breeding Bulls: Drench bulls 4-6 weeks before work and again at turn out, 100 ml.
Beef Cows: Drench 4 weeks before calving or 3 weeks before service, 100 ml.
Dairy Cows: Drench at drying off 100 ml and at 1st service 100 ml.
High Yielding Dairy Cows: Drench at drying off 100 ml, at calving 100 ml, at service 100 ml.
Repeating cows not previously drenched: Drench 200 ml.