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The Big Cheese Live Catch RTU Mouse Trap (Twin Pack)

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Sale The Big Cheese Live Catch RTU Mouse Trap (Twin Pack)

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The Big Cheese Live Catch RTU Mouse Trap (Twin Pack).

Mouse in the house? Don’t want to kill it? Deal with the situation easily and humanely with this welfare-friendly, live catch mousetrap from The Big Cheese. It’s baited and ready to use, so no faffing around with bits of cheese or sticky peanut butter, and the simple ‘tip and trap’ mechanism couldn’t be easier to set. A locking bar means the mouse can’t escape, but remains unharmed; you then simply hold the trap just about ground level facing away from you, open the door and the mouse is released, ideally at least 3 miles from your home. Catch rates can be increased by refreshing the bait plates with Mouse & Rat Attractant (STV163) from The Big Cheese. The trap comes in a value-added twin-pack.

Welfare-friendly control of mice in and around the home.
Baited and ready to use.
Simple to set.
Added value twin-pack.
Catches one mouse at a time and is reusable..

Take bait plate out of trap, remove cover and place back into the trap.
Open door, place trap on hard surface with rear end elevated.
The trap will tip back when the mouse enters, causing the door to shut and lock.
For live release, hold trap just above the ground with door facing away from you and open.

Place traps parallel to wall and as close to it as possible.
Two traps may be placed back-to-back to maximize results.
Relocate traps to the area most affected.
Try a supplemental bait such as The Big Cheese Mouse & Rat Attractant (STV163).
Block entry holes, store foodstuff securely and practice good hygiene to avoid further infestations.

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