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Specific FKW Feline Kidney Support 7 x 100g foils

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Specific FKW Feline Kidney Support 7 x 100g foils

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Specific FKW Feline Kidney Support 7 x 100g foils. SPECIFIC™ Kidney Support is a complete dietetic pet food for adult cats with kidney, heart and/or liver insufficiency.

Kidney support: A restricted content of phosphorus is essential to prevent hyperphosphataemia and to slow down the progression of kidney insufficiency.

Kidney & heart support: EPA and DHA are both omega-3 fatty acids which can help slow down the progression of kidney failure. In cats with cardiac disease, EPA and DHA can support maintenance of lean body mass, appetite and normal blood pressure and platelet aggregation. The content of fish oil, and thereby the level of EPA and DHA, is exceptionally high in SPECIFIC™ FKD Kidney Support.

Liver & kidney support: The reduced content of protein in combination with protein of high biological value reduces azotemia in cats with renal failure. In cats with liver failure it reduces the likelihood of hyperammonemia and possible hepatic encephalopathy. The high biological value of the proteins supplies the cat with sufficient amounts of essential amino acids.

Heart & kidney support: In congestive heart failure, sodium excretion is reduced as part of the compensatory response to the reduced cardiac output, and consequently sodium and water retention occurs. The reduced sodium level helps break the vicious circle of water retention. This is essential for both kidney, liver and heart patients.

Healthy urinary tract support: The restricted protein level reduces the urinary concentrations of oxalate, cystine and urate. Together with the alkaline urine pH, this discourages precipitation of urinary calcium oxalate, cystine and urate crystals and supports a healthy urinary tract. Added potassium citrate helps keep calcium oxalate in solution.

Feeding Guide
The daily individual requirement may vary depending on factors such as breed, environment, season, activity etc. It is therefore advisable to continue monitoring condition and body weight, adjusting the amount fed accordingly.

Chronic renal insufficiency.
Hepatic insufficiency (except patients with cholestasis).
Congestive heart failure, hypertension, oedema.
Urate, oxalate or cystine urolithiasis.

Pork, fish, sunflower oil, maize, fish oil, eggs, powdered cellulose, tripotassium citrate, minerals, psyllium husk, rice, vitamins and trace elements, taurine, methionine, L-carnitine.

It contains no artificial antioxidants, colours or flavouring

Not recommended for
Kittens, pregnant and lactating queens.
Patients with cholestasis: A diet with a restricted fat content (such as SPECIFIC™ FRD/FRW Weight Reduction or SPECIFIC™ FXD Adult) is more suitable.
Cats with struvite urolithiasis.