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Science Supplements ProKalm

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Science Supplements ProKalm

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ProKalm is an innovation in managing anxiety and stress in horses and ponies, allowing them to perform to their full potential. Once horses become anxious they may develop behaviours such as poor concentration, spooking, bolting, pulling, wind-sucking, crib-biting, pawing, stamping and box-walking.

Stress and anxiety over long periods can also lead to greater susceptibility to infections, gastric ulceration, loss of condition and poor recovery from exercise and competition as well as loss of performance.

ProKalm contains 4 different ingredients to help reduce anxiety and nervousness. It acts in as little as 30 minutes and the effects can last up to 8 hours and can be fed as required, either for isolated situations or as a daily feed to achieve a sustained reduction in anxiety.

At low intake ProKalm is perfect for “taking the edge off” horses with stress-related problems or in stressful situations. At moderate intake it is suitable for more demanding situations and the highest level of intake can be used for horses who are difficult to handle, for example during clipping, shoeing, travelling, backing, etc. Uses of ProKalm include: Aggressive or anxious behaviour such as rearing, bolting, box-walking, weaving and wind-sucking, during transportation, covering (mares or stallions), clipping, shoeing, massage, dentistry, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, vaccinations or vet visits, for difficult or dangerous horses, introduction to a new herd or yard, to aid training or breaking to saddle / harness, to improve concentration in competition, during periods of box rest and on turning out afterwards.

ProKalm is best given in feed on a regular basis. The effects of a single feed can begin within 30 minutes and last for up to 8 hours. The amount given can be varied to get the desired effect as some horses require a higher rate than others.
For a strong calming effect, e.g. to clip, shoe, box or when first turning out, give a 500 kg horse 2-4 scoops in feed or mix with a little water and administer by syringe 1-2h before peak effect is required.
For a mild-to-moderate calming effect , e.g. for riding, travelling etc give 1-2 scoops for a 500kg horse in feed or mix with a little water and syringe around 1-2h before peak effect is required.
For sustained calming over time, for anxious horses or those with vices e.g. cribbing, give 0.5 to 2 scoops for a 500kg horse in both morning and evening feeds for at least 7 days.

For first time use we strongly recommend feeding 2 x 25ml scoops per day split between morning and evening feed for a 500kg horse. If the effect is too strong then reduce the feeding rate.
f after 1-2 days the effect is not strong enough then increase to 4 x 25ml scoops per day and up to 6 x 25ml scoops per day after a further 1-2 days

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Best calmer ever. I stopped it for a few weeks and my horse became nervous again. I think I cannot live without it

Reviewed on: 09 March 2020

Product Variant: SCIENSPRM 33KG


Have tried a number of calmers in the past. The difference is this one worked better than all the others and we saw a marked improvement in calm performance at competition.

Reviewed by: Graham Hudson

Reviewed on: 04 March 2020

Product Variant: SCIENSPRM 33KG


Never received therefore I can not rate this product unfortunately

Reviewed by: Vanessa Smiley

Reviewed on: 05 December 2019

Product Variant: SCIENSPRM 336G


These were a very good price and really work for my Spanish horse who is a nervous traveller. It was recommended by the yard owner who had previously used it on a very stressed horse on the yard.

Reviewed by: Wendy Partridge

Reviewed on: 21 October 2019

Product Variant: SCIENSPRM 336G

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