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Safe4 Disinfectant Promo Pack

Item Number: SAFE4PROMO

Safe4 Disinfectant Promo Pack
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This promotional pack of disinfectants specially designed for animals.

The Promotional Pack contains:
5 litres of Safe4 Disinfectant concentrate.
3  x 500ml RTU Safe4 Disinfectant trigger sprays.
1 x 500ml RTU Safe4 Odour Killer trigger spray.

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Superb product, the only product you can safely wash floors with puppies running round.

Reviewed on: 03 November 2016

Product Variant: SAFE4PROMO


Great value as I have so may cats I like to keep litter trays clean and fresh and this does the job **

Reviewed by: Heather Withers-Colling

Reviewed on: 26 November 2015

Product Variant: SAFE4PROMO


A real bargain - very pleased

Reviewed on: 15 August 2014

Product Variant: SAFE4PROMO



Reviewed on: 10 April 2014

Product Variant: SAFE4PROMO

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