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Poultry Supplies

We stock a wide range of poultry supplies including wormers and other parasite control, poultry health products as well as drinkers and food and for the hen keeper we have books on keeping chickens and incubating domestically. Check out our full range of poultry supplies below.



Poultry Supplies Best Sellers

Biolink Poultry Shield

Poultry Shield is a cleaner, sanitiser and odour neutraliser, designed for cleaning chicken housing and equipment. Its powerful detergent action dissolves dirt and grease, allowing for easier cleaning and also washing away mites and insects habitat. Poultry Shield can be used on any type of poultry house and is also safe to use with birds present.


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Plastic Galley Pot Green

Made from virtually indestructible plastic ideal for pigeon or small poultry. Fitted with two hooks and clip at the back. 7cm deep, 9.5 cm wide.


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Battles Poultry Cider Vinegar & Garlic 1L

Battles Poultry Cider Vinegar & Garlic 1L. Will maintain inner health, promote effective food utilisation.


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Battles Poultry Drink

Poultry Drink contains a selection of 5 minerals in a high energy sugar syrup base, to support all round condition and health in poultry.


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Battles Poultry Cider Vinegar 1L

A useful addition to the poultry diet, maintaining inner health, promoting effective food utilisation and optimising appearance.


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Silvermoor Rope Kit

To get your Swinger swinging you’ll need this handy rope. It is 146cm in length and should be hung away from any surfaces. Full instructions are provided on the packet.


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Aniseed Oil 10ml

Pure aniseed oil. Add a few drops of pure oil to the feed and mix well.

Item #: ANIS1

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Vetericyn Plus Wound & Skin Care Spray

One-step topical spray for minor wounds. The steroid-free antibiotic-free, no-rinse solution is based on hypochlorous acid, an oxy-chlorine compound similar to that produced by the animals own immune system.


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