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Panacur Equine Guard Horse Wormer 225ml

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For a complete list of products please go to our horse wormers department. Panacur Equine Guard liquid horse wormer. A white wormer given preferably in November and/or January to eliminate encysted small redworms. Panacur Guard is given daily for five days. This ‘five day course’ will of course also treat any other worms sensitive to Panacur including most worms other than tapeworm and Bots. Dosing is 5ml per 65 kg bodyweight daily mixed with grain or concentrate daily for five days. It is suitable for pregnant mares and young foals. A course may be given at any time of the year to bought-in horses or others where the worming history is not known. One bottle will treat a 600kg horse (225ml)

Data Sheets

PAN225: Data Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Panacur Guard treat encysted small redworm?

Yes Panacur Equine Guard does treat encysted small redworm

What wormer would I use next after doing Panacur 5 day guard?

Please call us on 01833641112 to speak to a member of the team regarding a worming program suited to your horse. 

What are the active ingredients and is this the correct wormer for pin worm eradication please?

Panacur contains fenbendazole. Pinworm are very hard to eradicate as they shed so many eggs they are easily re infested. Turn the horse out, pinworm eggs are UV sensitive and will die much quicker. Wash the horses bottom and anywhere they scrub. Get rid of any potentially contaminated bedding/feed/buckets etc.  Worm the horse with a pyrantel based wormer such as Pyratape P every 4 weeks for 4-5 times. 

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Great wormer. Easy administration for my very fussy horse

Reviewed on: 09 March 2020

Product Variant: PAN225


Horse which refuses workers are it in her dinner

Reviewed by: K9

Reviewed on: 08 March 2020

Product Variant: PAN225


so hard to find locally

Reviewed by: Mrs Fritz-Cotton

Reviewed on: 04 March 2020

Product Variant: PAN225


Commande livrée dans les délais

Reviewed on: 27 February 2020

Product Variant: PAN225

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