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Oralade GI Support Oral Rehydration Fluid 500ml

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Sale Oralade GI Support Oral Rehydration Fluid 500ml

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Oralade GI Support Rehydration Fluid 500ml

Highly palatable isotonic formula for dogs & cats containing amino acids, carbohydrates, prebiotics and essential electrolytes in purified water. Unique, fast acting forumla provides simple easy to absorb nutrition. The prebiotics promote gut health recovery whilst the natural chicken flavour encourages cats and dogs to drink even when nauseous.

Zero fat, low protein and highly digestible.

Can be used for up to 1 or 2 weeks whilst re-introducing normal food. Water should be available at all times - offer free choice in seperate bowl. Discard any unused after 12hrs.

Crude Protein 1%, Crude Fat 0.1%, Crude Fibre 0.3%, Moisture 96%, Inorganic
Matter 0.5%, Potassium 0.08%, Sodium 0.14%, Chloride 0.20%, Phosphorous
0.027%, Calcium 0.006%
Xanthan Gum 0.12%, L-Glutamic Acid 0.19%, Glycine 0.4%, Galacto-
Oligosaccharide 0.1%, Natural Flavouring
Store in cool dry conditions out of direct sunlight. Refrigerate and use within 3
days once opened,
Or freeze and reuse within 12 months (No Waste). Dietetic complementary feed, not suitable for human consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this be given to 10 week old puppies

Yes, although puppies can become dehydrated quickly and we would advise you speak to your veterinary surgeon. 

Is this safe for dogs with diarrhoea, possible pancreatitis

Hi Oralade is designed to help support dogs with diarrhoea and dehydration. You should contact your veterinary surgeon regarding the use of the product for dogs with specific conditions such as pancreatitis.

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This product has helped to keep my dog going in her 18th year. She loves it.

Reviewed by: Ian Finch

Reviewed on: 28 September 2020

Product Variant: ORALADE


Good service, dogs love it!

Reviewed on: 28 September 2020

Product Variant: ORALADE


Originally prescribed by the vet when my dog was sick. The girls on the reception said they always kept some in. It has a long shelf life and can be frozen. Really helps with there recovery and they love drinking it!

Reviewed by: Pam Ascott

Reviewed on: 29 February 2020

Product Variant: ORALADE


I would highly recommend this drink, when my dogs are slightly off their food, they are still keen to drink Oralade. I also use it as a treat as they enjoy it so much.

Reviewed by: Eleri Jones

Reviewed on: 27 February 2020

Product Variant: ORALADE

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