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Nimrod Red Start Paste 15.6g (Pack of 6 syringes)

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Nimrod Red Start Paste 15.6g (Pack of 6 syringes)

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Nimrod Red Start Paste 15.6g (Pack of 6).

Invigorating energy booster for newborn foals, calves and lambs.

Nimrod Red Start is a paste to improve the survival of weak foals, calves and lambs - particularly those born in assisted deliveries or by Caesarean section.

Composition in each kilogram:
medium-chain triglycerides 416g
glucose syrup 214g
caffeine 5.7g
selenium 192mg
vitamin A 1,617,302 i.u.

Use for foals and calves:
Give the contents of one full syringe as soon as possible after borth. Introduce the syringe onto the back of the tongue and despress the plunger, allowing the animal to swallow the paste.  This may be repeated on the following day.

Use for the lambs:
Give 1/4 of a syringe as soon as possible after birth and another 1/4 of a syringe 6 hours later.

Store Nimrod Red Start at ambient temperature and out of direct sunlight.

6 x 15.6g

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