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NAF NaturalintX Poultice (pack of 10)

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Sale NAF NaturalintX Poultice (pack of 10)

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The NaturalintX poultice is a highly absorbent, multi layered dressing impregnated with the natural poulticing agent Tragacanth and Boric Acid a mild, natural antiseptic. Tragacanth becomes active when wet, drawing any dirt and debris from the wound, while helping to maintain a moist, clean environment to support the natural healing of skin and tissue. The antiseptic quality of Boric Acid keeps the area clean and free from unwanted germs.

NAF NaturalintX Poultice can be applied in three different ways

Key Ingredients per poultive
Tragacanth 6g
Boric Acid 2g

Hot Poultice Cut the Poultice to size and place in a shallow tray of boiled water, which has been allowed to cool to hand hot temperature. Dressing: Once saturated, remove the dressing and gently squeeze out excess water. Place the poultice on the affected area with the plastic backing away from the skin. Hold in place with a NaturalintX Wrap

Cold Poultice First soak the poultice in boiled water, then allow to cool thoroughly, before applying to the affected area.Dressing: The poultice can also be chilled further, by placing it in its outer plastic bag in a refrigerator.  

Dry Poultice Simply apply the poultice to the affected area directly. Ensure the poultice is applied with the plastic away from the skin before holding Dressing: in place with the NaturalintX Wrap.  
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