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Mikki Small Anti-Tangle Undercoat Rake for double/thick coats

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Sale Mikki Small Anti-Tangle Undercoat Rake for double/thick coats

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Undercoat Rake for double/thick coats

*Removes loose undercoat without damaging the top coat
*With dual teeth to reach the depths of double coats

Dogs are unable to keep their undercoats thinned so they need a little help from us. Mikki Undercoat Rakes are designed by grooming experts to enable you to remove tangles and keep your dog's coat in top condition. The stepped design of the undercoat rake teeth removes fluffy undercoat, leaving a healthy top coat.

Directions For Use
Stand your dog on a mat or newspaper to catch the loose hair or groom outdoors. Make sure both you and your dog are comfortable and relaxed before grooming to ensure you both enjoy it.

Run the rake through your dog's coat applying no more pressure than you would brushing your own hair.

Gently saw the rake back and forth to loosen any undercoat tangles and remove any loose or dead hair.

To finish off use a Mikki brush or comb to layer the coat and create a beautiful end result.

If you pet is moulting and you house shows the effects - use a Mikki Pet Hair Magnet to help restore your home to it's former glory!

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