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Mikki Nylon Bristle Brush for short/medium coats


Sale Mikki Nylon Bristle Brush for short/medium coats

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Nylon Bristle Brush

*Helps remove loose hair
*Stimulates natural oils that promote a shiny & healthy coat
*With new & improved ergonomic handle
*Flexi-head for gentler brushing
*Soft grip & flexi-head designed for comfort and easy control

The nylon bristles stimulate your pet's natural oils, leaving a shiny, healthy coat as well as removing dead, loose hair.

The soft grip handle shape gives comfort and control while grooming and helps both you and your pet enjoy the grooming session. The flexible head gives a more gentle brushing experience for you and your pet.

Ideal for short and medium hair breeds. Regular grooming helps to promote healthy skin & coats.

Directions For Use
Use gentle stroking actions to allow the nylon bristles to help distribute your pet's natural oils through their coat, leaving it clean and healthy. Be gentle and careful at first until you are familiar with the action.

Use the Combi Brush as a weekly maintenance item after removing mass moulted hair with the Moult Master (ideal for all coat types except wool).

Once you have finished grooming your pet, rub a Mikki Grooming Wipe over their coat to give them a really glossy finish.

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Happy with the product as it removes the excess hairs from the cats

Reviewed on: 21 October 2019

Product Variant: BRISTBRUSHL

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