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Genta Equine 100 mg/ml Solution for Injection for Horses 100ml

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Genta Equine 100 mg/ml Solution for Injection for Horses 100ml
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Genta Equine 100 mg/ml Solution for Injection for Horses.

Indications for use

For the treatment of infections caused by Gram-negative bacteria sensitive to gentamicin and compatible with the distribution properties of gentamicin.


Do not use in cases of known hypersensitivity to the active substance or to any of the excipients.

Do not use in pregnant animals.

Do not use in known cases of renal impairment.

Do not exceed the proposed dosing regimen.

Special warnings for each target species

Do not use in horses which are intended to produce meat or milk for human consumption.

Special precautions for use in animals

Gentamicin is known to induce nephrotoxicity and ototoxicity. Therefore, ensure adequate hydration in animals to be treated, and institute fluid therapy if required.

Gentamicin should be used with caution in old horses and horses with fever, sepsis and dehydration.

Particular caution should be taken when administering gentamicin with concurrent NSAIDs.

Use of the product should be based on susceptibility testing of the bacteria isolated from the animal. If this is not possible, the attending vet should use clinical experience and determine a benefit:risk analysis before use.

Use of the product deviating from the instructions given in the SPC may increase the prevalence of bacteria resistant to gentamicin and may decrease the effectiveness of treatment with other aminoglycosides.

Tolerance of the product was not assessed in newborn foals.

Special precautions to be taken by the person administering the veterinary medicinal product to animals

People with known hypersensitivity to gentamicin should avoid contact with the veterinary medicinal product. Administer the veterinary medicinal product with caution.

In case of accidental self-injection, seek medical advice immediately and show the package leaflet or the label to the physician.

Adverse reactions

A local reaction may occur at the injection site, especially in case of repeated injections in adjacent sites. See Special precautions for use in animals.

Use during pregnancy, lactation or lay

Do not use in pregnant animals.


This product should not be used in conjunction with other aminoglycoside antibiotics, or with other drugs known to induce either ototoxicity or nephrotoxicity.

Amounts to be administered and administration route

By intramuscular or slow intravenous injection, at 24 hour intervals for 5 days:

Adult horses and foals: 6.6 mg/kg bw (3.3 ml/50 kg bw)

To ensure a correct dosage bodyweight should be determined as accurately as possible to avoid under or over dosing.


The product was not specifically tested in overdose studies and therefore, no margin of safety has been determined.

Withdrawal periods

Do not use in horses which are intended to produce meat or milk for human consumption.

Pharmacological particulars

Pharmacotherapeutic group: Antibacterials for systemic use, gentamicin.

ATC Vet code: QJ01GB03

Pharmacodynamic properties

Gentamicin sulphate is bactericidal in action, acting directly on the bacterial ribosome where it inhibits protein synthesis and decreases the fidelity of translation of the genetic code. The substance is highly polar and transport appears to be an active process closely linked to electron transport, oxidative phosphorylation and the respiratory quinones in the cell membrane. The antibacterial activity is primarily directed against aerobic Gram-negative bacteria.

Its main activity is against bacteria Gram (-). Gentamicin, the breakpoints of susceptible (S) is 4 µg/ml and the resistance (R) is 16 µg/ml (Source: CLSI 2008).

Resistance to aminoglycosides is produced primarily by enzymes encoded by genes located on bacterial plasmids. The enzymes act inside the bacterium to modify the aminoglycoside, thereby preventing it from binding to ribosomes. This type of plasmid-associated resistance is transferable between bacteria. A single type of plasmid may confer cross-resistance to multiple aminoglycosides and also resistance to other unrelated antimicrobials.

Pharmacokinetic properties

Gentamicin sulphate is poorly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract thus the product must be administered parenterally for systemic action. Gentamicin is rapidly absorbed from intramuscular injections: peak plasma concentrations being reached in ½ to 2 hours. It appears in the synovial and peritoneal fluids but effective levels are not reached in CSF, bronchial secretions, ocular fluids or milk. Elimination is mainly by glomerular filtration and it rapidly appears in the urine.

Gentamicin is a highly polar drug with poor tissue penetration; it distributes mainly into extracellular fluids.

Pharmaceutical particulars


Sodium methyl parahydroxybenzoate (E219)

Sodium propyl parahydroxybenzoate (E217)

Sodium Metabisulphite

Sodium citrate

Edetic acid

Citric acid monohydrate

Water for Injections

Major incompatibilities

None known.

Shelf life

Shelf-life of the veterinary medicinal product as packaged for sale: 2 years

Shelf-life after first opening the immediate packaging: 28 days

Special precautions for storage

Protect from light.

Immediate packaging

100 ml clear, Type II glass vial sealed with Type I bromobutyl bung and aluminium overseal.


Any unused veterinary medicinal product or waste materials derived from such veterinary medicinal products should be disposed of in accordance with local requirements.

Data Sheets

GENTAEI: Data Sheet

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