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Equivite Original 15kg

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Complete nutritional health insurance - the Nation's favourite complete multivitamin and mineral supplement designed to actively maintain health. Now with chelated minerals for easier absorption.

* Horses and ponies need a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals to enjoy good health and vitality.

* Even minor shortfalls can lead to poor performance or a lacklustre appearance.

Use EQUIVITE® Original if:
1. Your horse receives low levels of compound feed (as a guide, below 2kg/4.5lbs a day).

2 Your horse is receiving no compound feed, and survives on forage alone.

3. You feed straights such as oats and bran to form a significant part of the hard feed.

Usage: One 50ml scoop daily for light work or at rest.
Two 50ml scoops daily for breeding, lactating or working.

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I returned the product as my calmer I use now combines basic minerals so I did not need it after all

Reviewed on: 01 October 2014

Product Variant: EQUIVITE15

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