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Equistro Mega Base

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Equistro Mega Base

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Some dietary sources, for example over-grazed pastures, green fodder, straight feed and hay, cannot supply all the essential nutrients that a horse requires to maximise his performance potential or maintain normal growth and development. During periods of increased demand, such as training, competition and breeding, regular supplementation with Equistro Mega Base can help maintain optimum levels of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements in an easy-to-use, cost-effective powder.

Can be used for:
• Horses and ponies on depleted diets.
• Horses and ponies on a controlled intake of a commercial equine feed.
• Brood mares prior to foaling; vitamin A, zinc and copper have been shown to be beneficial to mares prior to foaling.
• Competition horses requiring additional vitamins and minerals, especially copper, zinc and manganese.
• Horses and ponies on forage-only diets.

Equistro Mega Base can be fed on its own or combined with other Equistro products.

Contents per Kg: Calcium 193g
Phosphorus 40g
Vitamin A 1,200,000iu
Vitamin E 5,000mg
Vitamin D3 120,000iu
Iron 1,150mg
Manganese 1,150mg
Zinc 2,700mg
Copper 500mg
Magnesium 7g

Recommended Dosage:

500Kg horse: 30g Daily
Foals 7 months - 3 years: 15-30g Daily


3Kg (100 days supply for 500kg horse)
10Kg (333 days supply for 500kg horse)