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Equilibrium Simplyboost ELECTROLYTE 500ml


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Equilibrium Simplyboost Electrolyte 500ml.


when your horse needs to replenish essential salts & minerals

simplyboost ELECTROLYTE is a targeted boost of essential salts and minerals designed to help maintain hydration, support optimal muscle function and prevent fatigue in horses

simply add to feed to replace lost salts after strenuous effort or when horses sweat. Use:

all year round, whenever your horse works hard
before and/or after competition
before, during and after travelling
before and during moderate to intense work
if your horse is on a restricted or low forage diet
simplyboost ELECTROLYTE is designed to:

help maintain hydration
support optimal muscle function
prevent fatigue in horses.
With natural mint flavour, simplyboost ELECTROLYTE can be added to normal feed, a handful of simplyirresistible or a munch block.

simplyboost ELECTROLYTE can be used on its own or with other simplyboost variants to create tailored vitamin support for your horse or pony.

Size: 500 ml (10 day serving for horse, 20 day serving for pony). Use as required.

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