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Easicox coccidiosis treatment for pigeons & rabbits 250ml

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Easicox coccidiosis treatment for pigeons & rabbits 250ml

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Easicox Coccidiosis Treatment for Pigeons & Rabbits 250ml.

This treatment comes in a 250ml bottle and any treatment for pigeons is best avoided during the moult.

Intestinal coccidiosis in pet rabbits
Treatment: Add 5ml to 5 litres of drinking water each day for 5 days. Stop for 10 days and repeat dose for a further 5 days
Prevention: As above but at the rate of 2.5ml per 5 litres of drinking water.

Racing Pigeons- the strongest Amprolium product available.
Add 5ml per litre of drinking water (approx 1oz per gallon) daily for 7 days. In case of severe infection, repeat the course for a further week.

All treatments are best avoided during the moult. Do not mix Easicox with other products.
Treated water not consumed within 24 hours should be spread over the droppings. These should then be disposed of safely. Dispose of empty packaging in household waste.

Contains Amprolium Hydrochloride 4.3%

We recommend alternating treatments annually with Megacox to avoid resistance occuring.