Diaproof Pro Oral Powder for Calves, Foals, Lambs and Kids

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  • 100g x 24 Sachets

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Diaproof Pro Oral Powder.

A dietetic complementary feed for calves, foals, lambs and kids, to help regain normal digestion. A rehydrating powder to help stabilise the water and electrolyte balance to support the physiological digestion. Especially useful in cases of profuse diarrhoea triggered by bacteria in the first days of life.

Diaproof Pro contains a range of ingredients, including electrolytes, glucose, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3 (Brewer's Yeast) and Psyllium, a natural plant-based fibre, which forms a gel when mixed with water and helps maintain normal intestinal transit.

Available in two sizes:
100g x 24 sachets