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Derbymed SCP Spray 200ml

Item Number: DERBYMSCP

Derbymed SCP Spray 200ml

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Derbymed SCP Spray 200ml is a soothing, antiseptic wound spray that removes excessive moisture from open wounds and aids in the management of cuts, sores and proud flesh.

Composition : Zinc oxide, Calcium stearate, Oregano oil,
Camomile oil, Arnica oil, Teatree oil, Marigold oil.

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does what it says on the can

Reviewed by: Zoe Thornton

Reviewed on: 07 September 2017

Product Variant: DERBYMSCP


Great Product which i use time and time again!

Reviewed on: 07 September 2017

Product Variant: DERBYMSCP


Cant recommend this product enough

Reviewed by: Cathy Pendlebury

Reviewed on: 06 July 2017

Product Variant: DERBYMSCP


Amazing product highly recommend! X

Reviewed by: Charlotte Moore

Reviewed on: 29 June 2017

Product Variant: DERBYMSCP

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