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Defenders Rat & Squirrel Cage Trap

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Sale Defenders Rat & Squirrel Cage Trap

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Defenders Rat & Small Animal Cage Trap

A cage trap product which can be used to catch and remove rats and small animals from indoor and outdoor areas.

To use this product
Position the cage trap where evidence of rats or squirrels is present.

Always where gloves when handling traps. This prevents contact with potential contaminants. It also prevents the transfer of human odour onto the trap.

To set, lift up door and support with moving side rod. Balance treadle in position. Place suitable bait towards rear of trap. Captured animal can be safely transported by lifting cage with carrying handle.

*Ready-to-use cage trap that is easy to bait and set.
*Informative pack design with comprehensive instructions.
*Long-lasting galvanised mesh design.
*Solid top and carrier handle for easy handling.

36 x 14 x 16cm.

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