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Defenders Mega-Sonic Mole Repeller

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Sale Defenders Mega-Sonic Mole Repeller

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Defenders Mega-Sonic Mole Repeller

Vibrates and simultaneously discharges a sonic pulse at random intervals every 1-3 minutes, to protect up to 1,000 square metres. Non-patterned vibration offering varied disturbance. Uses a non-wearing, counter-weight design, with an easy to find vi-vis cap. Welfare friendly deterrent that does not harm moles.

For larger or irregular shaped gardens more than one unit may be required. The Solar Powered Sonic Mole Spike has a built-in solar rechargeable power-pack which enables it to work continuously, including overnight and in poor light conditions.

*Drives away moles without harming them
*Solar powered
*Easy to use and weather resistant
*Sonic-pulse, vibrates every 50 seconds
*Mow over head

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