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CoseIcure Bolus for Cattle (Pack of 20)

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Sale CoseIcure Bolus for Cattle (Pack of 20)

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CoseIcure Bolus for Cattle (Pack of 20).

Thiomolybdate Toxicity and iodine Deficiency.

For cows suffering from iodine deficiency, Bimeda offer the CoseIcure bolus, which offers all of the benefits of the Cosecure
boluses, but which also supplements iodine simultaneously.

• for Thiomolybdate Toxicity
• for iodine deficiency
• for cobalt deficiency
• for selenium deficiency

Low iodine is also a problem which can result in poor growth rates. Milk yield can also be less than expected.

Iodine deficiency is a geographical problem and
occurs when:
• Feeds and water are low in iodine
• Lime & manure have been spread; which can reduce
iodine levels in pasture
• Goitrogenic substances are present in feed, eg kale
• Chemicals block thyroid uptake of iodine

Deficiency signs:
• Hairlessness in new-born calves
• Decreased milk yields
• Reduced hormone secretion and reproductive health
• Reduced bone growth and skeletal development
• Poor growth and weight loss

CoseIcure Boluses:
Copper 13.4%, Cobalt 0.5%
Selenium 0.15%, Iodine 1%

Selenium deficiency is a significant problem in some areas. Selenium protects against White Muscle Disease,
strengthens the immune system and is important for fertility

Cobalt is essential for the optimum performance of Vitamin B12, which is vital for energy utilisation and thrive.
The body has no capacity to store cobalt, therefore cobalt must be continuously supplied. Cosecure and
CoseIcure boluses are ideal, as they provide a continuous supply of cobalt for up to 6 months

For cows suffering from iodine deficiency, Bimeda offer CoseIcure boluses, which offer all of the benefits of the Cosecure boluses, but which also supplement iodine simultaneously.

Each pack contains 20 boluses (10 doses).

Dosage and administration:
Ruminating cattle over two months of age and weighing over 100 kg body weight: 2 boluses.

Administer orally using a balling-gun which delivers the bolus directly into the top of the gullet. Great care should be taken not to cause any injury by rough handling or by placing the gun too far inside the throat of the animal. Ensure that each animal has swallowed the boluses by holding the mouth closed and observing the animal for a short time. Gentle massage of the throat may facilitate swallowing of the boluses. To minimise the risk of regurgitation, avoid rough handling of animals.  Administer every 4 months, or every 6 months to cattle at pasture.

The boluses can be given at any time, e.g. to dairy cows at drying off or at calving or 30 days

post-calving or at artificial insemination.

Boluses are sensitive to sudden temperature changes such as may occur when very cold boluses are swallowed by an animal. It is important that the bolus is at room temperature

(15 – 20°C) prior to administration. In the event of suspected overdose, see carton.