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Coopers Gut Equalise

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Coopers Gut Equalise contains prebiotic and postbiotic oral paste to help maintain normal digestive function in foals and adult horses.

Adult Horses - For short term use during times of stress such as transportation, competition and management changes.

For short term use during periods of digestive imbalance such as change in diet or during antibiotic use.

Intended use in adult horses:
During periods of stress such as:
Management changes
Diet changes
Antibiotic therapy

Foals - To aid in the establishment of normal digestive flora after the first intake of colostrum.

Maintain normal gut function during foal heat and weaning.

Recommended amount: 1 syringe daily.

Horses have evolved as trickle feeders, designed to be eating roughage/fibre for a large portion of their day. Digestion of this fibre occurs through fermentation by healthy bacteria within the hindgut and this process provides the horse with an essential source of slow release energy.

In addition to the digestion of fibre, the healthy bacteria help to keep those bad bacteria at bay, keeping the microbial balance in equilibrium. An imbalance in gut flora caused by too few healthy bacteria and an overgrowth of bad bacteria is known as dysbiosis.

Dysbiosis can cause inflammation and hindgut disturbances, leading to potential clinical problems such as colonic ulceration, diarrhoea, poor body condition, poor performance or behavioural issues.

Unfortunately, there are a number of modern feeding and management practices which can cause dysbiosis and may affect your horse either in the short term or can be on-going. These practices include:
" Limited Turnout/stabling
" Strenuous exercise/training
" Transport
" Management changes which can trigger stress
" Low forage diet
" High cereal diet
" Feeding and diet changes
" Antibiotic therapy
" Weaning

As many of these practices can't be avoided most owners are constantly looking for ways to support their horse's gut function to try and keep their horse as healthy as possible.

MSD Animal Health has launched Coopers Gut, a whole new range of feed supplements to help do just that. The Coopers Gut range uses a mixture of prebiotics and postbiotics, with the aim of supporting the healthy gut flora and hindgut function keeping the horse healthy from the inside out. 

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Works well for us, we buy it regularly.

Reviewed by: Georgina White

Reviewed on: 04 April 2019

Product Variant: COOPERSGE 5PACK

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