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Caniplus Senior Multivitamin Tablets (pack of 90)


Caniplus Senior Multivitamin Tablets (pack of 90)

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Caniplus multivitamins plus trace elements and essential amino acids specially formulated for the senior dog.

The one dogs eat as a treat!
Chicken liver flavouring which dogs love.

Up to 5kg Bodyweight - 1/2 tablet daily
5-9kg Bodyweight 1 tablet daily
10-20kg Bodyweight 2 tablets daily
21kg+ 3 Bodyweight tablets daily

With 32 important nutrients
Vit. A 1500iu
Vit. D3 75iu
Vit. E 25iu
Vit. K 100mcg
Vit. B1 4000mcg
Vit. B2 2000mcg
Vit. B6 2000mcg
Vit. B12 150mcg
Nicotinamide 550mg
Panothenic Acid 3500mcg
Folic Acid 100mcg
Biotin 1500mcg
Vit. C 15mg
Choline 100mcg
Taurine 22.5mg
Inositol 4mg
Glycine 6.5mg
Aspartic Acid 6.5mg
Proline 6.5mg
Serine 6.5mg
Lysine 6.5mg
Methionine 6.5mg
Threonine 6.5mg
Magnesium 5mg
Iron 2mg
Copper 0.05mg
Maganese 0.5mg
Zinc 1mg
Iodide 25mg
Patassium 7.5mg
Selenium 2.5mg