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Canigen PI Immunisation Vaccine for Dogs (10 dose)

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Canigen PI Immunisation Vaccine for Dogs (10 dose)
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Canigen PI Immunisation Vaccine for Dogs (10 dose).


For active immunisation of dogs from the age of 8 weeks onward to reduce clinical signs of canine para-influenza infection and to reduce viral shedding.

Dosage and administration

One ml solvent (Canigen Solvent, Canigen Lepto (canine leptospirosis vaccine) or Canigen Rabies) must be used to reconstitute the freeze-dried Canigen Pi vaccine. After reconstitution, the vaccine should be used within 30 minutes.

One ml of the reconstituted vaccine should be given by subcutaneous injection.

Sterile equipment should be used for administration but avoid contamination of vaccine with traces of

disinfectant or spirit.

Primary course vaccination

Before the age of 12 weeks:

Two vaccinations, each with a single dose: the first vaccination from the age of 8 weeks onwards and the second vaccination 2-4 weeks later.

From the age of 12 weeks onwards: single vaccination, with one dose per animal Onset of immunity:

4 weeks after vaccination

Booster vaccination

Annually with a single dose

For more detailed advice on vaccination programmes and how Canigen Pi may be used in conjunction with other Canigen dog vaccines in specific circumstances, contact the company direct or refer to the support literature.

Contra-indications, warnings, etc

Only healthy dogs should be vaccinated.

Canigen Pi has been shown to be safe for use in pregnant bitches that have previously been vaccinated with a Canigen vaccine containing the Pi component.

Some dogs may show discomfort during injection.

A diffuse swelling, up to 5 mm in diameter, may be observed at the site of injection. Occasionally this swelling may be hard and painful and last for up to 3 days post injection.

After subcutaneous administration with Canigen Lepto or Canigen Rabies, a diffuse swelling may be observed at the injection site in most puppies. Occasionally this swelling may be hard and painful but this will diminish gradually and disappear after 2-3 weeks.

In the rare event of a hypersensitivity reaction following vaccination, administer an antihistamine, corticosteroid or adrenaline, without delay and by the most immediate route.


For animal treatment only.

Pharmaceutical precautions

Store between +2degC and +8degC (in a refrigerator). Do not freeze. Protect from light. Care should be taken to avoid prolonged or repetitive exposure to high ambient temperatures following withdrawal from the refrigerator prior to use - in hot summer conditions vaccine potency can be severely reduced within a few hours.

In the case of accidental self-injection, seek medical advice immediately and show the package insert or the label to the physician.

Dispose of waste material by boiling, incineration or immersion in an appropriate disinfectant, in accordance with national requirements.

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Packaging Quantities

Cartons of 10 single dose vials.

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