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Calmex Dog (pack of 120)

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Calmex Dog (pack of 120)
  • Calmex Dog (pack of 120)

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A calming supplement to help manage stress and anxiety, Calmex is fast acting and consists of a specially blended feed to help promote relaxed behaviour in dogs and cats experiencing behavioural problems as a result of their environment.

Signs of Anxiety
50% of owners report that their dog is afraid of fireworks but only 30% of owners ask their vet for help*. If your dog demonstrates any of the following signs, it may indicate fear or anxiety:
Trembling and shaking
Barking excessively
Trying to escape
Toileting in the house
Excessive panting
Scratching or chewing furniture
Fear in everyday situations

What Else Can I Do?
There are a number of measures you can take that can reduce your dog’s anxiety levels. Lots of owners find it useful to use a combination of:
Behavioural techniques
Environmental changes
Try to work out what it is exactly that your dog is afraid of and then speak to your vet for guidance on what could make a difference long term. Alongside this, you could try some of the following techniques.

It is important to remember that managing behavioural issues can take a long time and patience, so do not lose heart if the problems do not disappear immediately.

The following could help your dog during fireworks, or other celebrations with loud noises:
Make a den – Many dogs have a favourite place to go and hide, identify where they like to go in your house and make sure they have access to it. You could also build a den for your pet to go, choose somewhere warm and away from the windows and create a safe cosy hideout with a comfy bed and access to water.
Background noise – Play music to try to distract them, but be careful that you do not cause your dog to associate that music with the fear.
Be cheerful – Be a good role model to them. If you can be with your dog when they encounter the stressful situation, ignore whatever it is that the dog is fearful of; you could even whistle or sing to show how unaffected you are!
Exercise – If possible, take your dog out for a walk to tire them out before they encounter the stressful situation.
Feeding Guidelines
Calmex comes in a capsule which can be opened and mixed with food, or given whole to your dog.

Calmex for dogs is designed to aid dogs during one-off or short term stressful situations. For optimum results, feed 30-60 minutes before the desired effect is required, with no more than 2 feeds in 24 hours and with at least 4-6 hours between feeds.

Weight Recommendation
Under 10kg 1/2 capsule
10-25kg 1 capsule
25-40kg 2 capsules
40-55kg 3 capsules
55-70kg 3 capsules

Calmex for dogs is a unique combination of two amino acids; a plant extract and B-vitamins.

L-Theanine – an amino acid found in green tea with natural calming properties
L-Tryptophan – an essential amino acid which is a precursor to serotonin, the calm, happy neurotransmitter
Piper Methysticum – a plant extract that has been used over many centuries for its natural calming properties
B vitamins – essential for the normal functioning of the central nervous system

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