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Battles Sheep Supplements & Vitamins

Battles Sheep Supplements & Vitamins
Browse our great range of Battles Sheep Supplements & Vitamins from Hyperdrug the oldest pet and equine pharmacy online. Buy Battles Sheep Supplements & Vitamins at great prices with great customer service.

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Battles Ewe Drink 150ml

Cordial style tonic for ewes exhausted after lambing. Also suitable for chills etc.

Item #: EWE150ML

From £3.05 inc. VAT

Battles Ewe Drink 90ml

A tonic and cordial for exhaustion in ewes after lambing. Also suitable for administration for chills, etc. Supplied in bottles containing one application, no mixing required

Item #: EWE9005497

From £2.25 inc. VAT

Battles Foot Health Aerosol 150g

For use as an aid in mainting foot health in sheep.


From £10.19 inc. VAT

Battles Pure Cod Liver Oil

Battles Cod Liver Oil. A stabilised blend of cod liver oil, a valuable nutritional source for use all year round.

Item #: BATCLO

From £7.99 inc. VAT

Battles Administration Gun for Ovaloids and Trace Element tablets

For the administration of ovaloids and trace element tablets. Set contains two ends suitable for each product.


From £8.49 inc. VAT

Battles Stockaline 500ml

Battles Stockaline 500ml. An all purpose health drench for use in horses, cattle, sheep, pigs and goats.

Item #: 5027286025218

From £5.69 inc. VAT

Battles Trace Element Tablets for Sheep

Battles Trace Element Tablets for Sheep. An ideal solution to the nutrient and mineral problem that the sheep may face when nutrients and minerals are not readily available.

Item #: BATTET

From £26.35 inc. VAT

Battles Glycerine B.

Battles Glycerine B.P. Often used orally to soothe and lubricate inflamed air passages for more efficient respiration.

Item #: BATGBP

From £7.29 inc. VAT

Battles Liquid Paraffin B.

Battles Liquid Paraffin B.P. A high quality, veterinary grade product designed for general veterinary use and can be used as a mild laxative.


From £8.39 inc. VAT

Battles Ketosis Drench 1L

Battles Ketosis Drench 1L. A nutritional aid for the management of bovine ketosis and pregnancy toxaemia in ruminants.

Item #: BATKD

From £16.89 inc. VAT

Battles Pure Castor Oil 500ml

Battles Castor Oil 500ml. A complimentary feed material for all stock. Can be drenched, or mixed with feed.

Item #: CAS9001371

From £7.75 inc. VAT

Battles Pure Castor Oil 5L

Battles Castor Oil 5L. A complimentary feed material for all stock.

Item #: CAS5000

From £47.45 inc. VAT

Battles Ovaloid Capsules (pack of 100)

Battles Ovaloid Capsules for Sheep have been specially designed to be provided to sheep in order to ensure that the sheep manages to recover and have the best possible health after suffering from orf.

Item #: OVA9013129

From £28.55 inc. VAT

Battles Vitamin D3 Drench for Sheep 5L

Battles Vitamin D3 Drench for Sheep 5L. A valuable source of vitamin D3 for the maintenance of general health in sheep.

Item #: BATVD3D

From £108.59 inc. VAT



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