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worming pets can prevent blindness in children

21 Jun 2013

Roundworms from dogs and cats are responsible for an infection in people called toxocariasis caused by roundworm eggs in dogs and cats poo being swallowed and can, in rare cases, the roundworm larvae may infect organs such as the liver, lungs, eyes or brain and the symptoms may be severe

How can I tell if my dog has worms?

17 Jun 2013

How can I tell if my dog has worms?Worms are rarely passed in faeces. Occasionally tapeworm segments which look like grains of rice may be seen or roundworm which is a long white worm can be found in faeces. Eggs are commonly found in stools but are really too small to see.

How can I tell if my cat has worms?

15 Jun 2013

It is quite rare for worms to be passed through faeces, but occasionally a roundworm can be passed, and these will be seen as quite long worms which some people can mistake for tapeworm however this is incorrect as tapeworm will look like grains of rice. As cats are hunters they may acquire other species of tapeworm which may be in long chains- individual flat segments of which may sometimes be passed

How can I tell if my dog or cat has fleas?

13 Jun 2013

Fleas can cause irritation where they bite and can make your cat or dog itchy. So look for signs of excessive grooming, such as licking or scratching. This can lead to sore, red skin which in turn can in turn lead to bald patches; and if the skin has been broken could result in a skin infection. These bald patches are commonly on the back but can appear around their head and belly too.

My dog does not have fleas

11 Jun 2013

“My dog does not have fleas”This was the indignant reaction from my sister in law when I mildly suggested that the collection of bites in the classic ‘flea bite cluster’ on my 3 year old sons leg could have some connection with her own baby, a Bichon Frise, by the name of Harry.

The link between worms and fleas

07 Jun 2013

A lot of pet owners do not realise the link between fleas and worms but it is actually the flea that is the cause of most common tapeworm in both cats and dogs.While farm and country dogs may have a potential increased risk of exposure to animal carcasses making the need for them to be treated more frequently for tapeworm with either Drontal for dogs or our own Easimax dog wormer no pet can be truly isolated. This means that even cats that are kept indoors can be infected with tapeworm from fleas.