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ArthriAid HA Powder for Cats & Dogs 400g


Sale ArthriAid HA Powder for Cats & Dogs 400g - ArthriAid HA Powder for Cats & Dogs 400g

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ArthriAid HA Powder for Cats and Dogs 400g.

ArthriAid HA Powder is a combination joint supplement for cats and dogs. This extra strength formula helps to support joint function and aid in the manufacture of new cartilage.
ArthriAid supplies the necessary building blocks (Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM) to help the body's own natural manufacture of cartilage. ArthriAid HA Powder also contains Hyaluronic Acid (HA) - the major component of joint fluid.

ArthriAid is the highest strength liquid Glucosamine, Chondrotin and MSM supplement on the market for dogs and cats. It aids in regeneration of cartilage and synovial fluid in joints, and help maintain healthy joints. All products are suitable for dogs and cats, simply adjust the feeding rates according to the weight of the animal.

How long should an animal be fed ArthriAid?
Pets should take ArthriAid for a minimum of 1 month. However, because joint changes usually develop and progress over time, ArthriAid should be continued long term. It is possible to stop using ArthriAid and then reintroduce as required.

How soon should an effect be seen?
ArthriAid takes a few days to build up in the body so an effect should be seen within 7 to 10 days.

Can ArthriAid be given to cats?
Yes, ArthriAid is effective for cats. Simply give the amount according to your pets weight as shown on the tub. Also available especially for cats is ArthriAid Omega Cat Gel.

All-round joint supplement

Key Ingredients
Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, HA

Instructions for use
For dogs and cats initial intake:
Pet Weight - Amount to give:
0.5kg (0-11lb) - 2gm
5-10kg (11-22lb) - 3gm
10-20kg (22-44lb) - 4gm
20-40kg (44-88lb) - 5gm
40kg + (80lb +) - 6gm

After 14-21 days the daily intake can be reduced by half for maintenance.

How long will it last?
Dependent on the size of the cat or dog

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Reviewed by: Daphne White

Reviewed on: 17 January 2017

Product Variant: ARTHRIAIDHA


This product really helps my dog who has elbow dysplasia, he has been having it since he was diagnosed four years ago. If I stop using it he gets much stiffer, I will keep him on the maintenance dose for the rest of his life. It is much better value for money than any of the tablet versions of glucosamine and chondroiton.

Reviewed by: Rowena

Reviewed on: 18 July 2016

Product Variant: ARTHRIAIDHA

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