Tapewormer for horses

While it is possible to use a tapeworm antibody test to determine whether a horse has been exposed to tapeworm, there are some limitations, the test can show whether a horse has a high, medium or low intensity infection; enabling targeted treatment of horses to prevent colic. But the test is not sensitive enough to differentiate between horses that do not have tapeworm and those that have low level infection; nor will the test show how many tapeworms there are within a horse. If a horse has a low level tapeworm infection it is recommended to re-test in 3 months time, moderate to high result use a tapeworm wormer for horses.

A worm egg count may also be conducted during the spring to determine if a routine worm treatment is neccesary if this is the case Equitape containing praziquantel is the only targeted pure horse tapewormer.

If Tapeworm and regular worming is required Pramox, containing moxidectin the same drug as equest and praziquantel the same drug as Equitape, will treat more stages of worms including tapeworm, bots and the encysted redworm than any other wormer. The re-dose interval is 13 weeks for general horse wormersand 26 weeks for tapeworm.

Equimax containing ivermectin and praziquantel which will treat tapeworm for 26 weeks and other worms including bots but excluding the encysted small redwormd for 8 to 10 weeks.

Pyrantel embonate wormers such as Pyratape, Exodus and Strongid are double dose for tapeworm, this means that you have to use twice as much as you normally would for a regular worming. They will not treat bots, encysted redworm, and have a dosing interval of 4- 8 weeks a full list of horse wormers is available.

Equest Pramox Horse Wormer
Equest Pramox contains the same unique active ingredient as Equest Gel but the difference is it also contains the drug of choice for the control of tapeworm. Each tube of Equest Pramox treats 700kg. Equest Pramox will control Tapeworm for 6 months and the regular dosing interval is 13 weeks. Equest Pramox can be used on pregnant mares, as well as breeding and lactating mares. There is no clone alternative for Equest Pramox.

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Equimax Gel Horse Wormer
Equimax wormer for horses for redworm, bots and tapeworm. Equimax lasts for 8-10 weeks and will treat a 700kg bodyweight horse. Equimax is a combination horse wormer.

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Eqvalan Duo Horse Wormer Paste
Eqvalan Duo Horse Wormer is used for the treatment of mixed cestode (tapeworm) and nematode (roundworm) or arthropod (bot) infestations in horses. The contents of one syringe will treat up to 600kg of bodyweight.

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Strongid P Horse Wormer Paste
Strongid P Paste for horses treats 600kg bodyweight of horse per tube. Use two tubes for tapeworm treatment i.e. dose for twice the horses bodyweight. Lasts 4-6 weeks. Strongid is suitable for use in pregnant horses and lactating mares and foals from four weeks.

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Noropraz Horse Wormer Paste
Noropraz Horse Wormer Paste. For the treatment of mixed cestode and nematode or arthropod infestations, due to adult and immature roundworms, lungworms, bots and tapeworms in horses. Apple flavoured. Each syringe of these horse wormers treats 700kg bodyweight.

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Pyratape P Horse Worming Paste -
Pyratape wormer for horses contains Pyrantel embonate. Treats 600kg bodyweight per tube. Double dose needed for horse tapeworm. Pyratape horse wormers last 4-6 weeks during grazing season, and every 6 - 8 weeks for the rest of the year. Suitable for use in pregnant horses and lactating mares and foals from four weeks, from the equine pharmacy wormers.

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Equimax Tabs (each pack treats 800kg)
Equimax wormer tablets for horses treat all roundworms (except encysted stages), tapeworms and Bots in horses, one pack will treat 800kg, one tablet per 100kg.

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Embotape Horse Wormer Paste
Embotape wormer is for the control of large and small strongyles, pinworms, roundworms in horses and other equines, it contains pyrantel embonate if you are dosing a horse from tapeworm you will require a double dose.

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EquiSal Tapeworm Test Kit For One Horse
For the first time, you can simply and easily test your horse for tapeworm. Until now, it has been difficult to detect tapeworm burdens as worm egg counts do not reliably detect tapeworms and blood tests are very costly and inconvenient.

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