Sweat Scrapers for Horses

A sweat scraper is a grooming tool used on horses and consists of a handle and a rubber blade. It is used to remove sweat from horses and is used in much the same way as a window cleaner would scrape water or foam from a window with a rubber blade. Check out our full range below.

Groomers Aquasorb Towel
Groomers Aquasorb Towels are made of super absorbent, lint-free chamois which absorb water quickly, helping to reduce drying time.

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Plastic Sweat Scraper
Used for removing excess moisture from the animals coat.

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HySHINE Gel Sweat Scraper
HySHINE Gel Sweat Scraper. Sweat scraper with a comfortable gel handle and a rubber edge on one side to remove excess water from the horse’s coat.

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Effol Orca Sweat Scraper
Effol Orca Sweat Scraper. Helps to remove surplus water effortlessly after washing your horse. The ergonomic form means it adapts ideally to the contours of the horse so that moisture can be smoothed out of the coat in an optimum way.

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