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Lintbells YuMOVE Working Dog Tablets (pack of 480)
YUMOVE Working Dog is the only supplement that provides all the key ingredients needed to support your dog’s joint health and maintain energy and stamina. It contains only the best quality ingredients at levels that provide fast, effective and long-term support for joint health.

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Confidence EQ for horses (single sachet)
A breakthrough in reducing stress from all causes in horses including travel, training and visits from Vet or Farrier. Confidence EQ contains a synthetic copy of the "Equine appeasing Pherormone" released by a Mare shortly after giving birth. This gives reassurance to both foals and adult horses that their environment is safe and secure.

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Lintbells YuMOVE Dog Tablets
YuMOVE Dog is a premium joint supplement for dogs which soothes stiffness, safeguards long-term joint health and promotes mobility. It’s proven to work in just 6 weeks

Item #: YUMOVE 
(61 reviews)

From £10.99 Incl. Vat

Colombovac PMV Paramxyo Pigeon Vaccine 100 doses
Colombovac is the only PMV vaccine not to contain mineral oil. This makes it safer in use if accidentally self-injected. Supplied with needles, syringes, record card etc

Item #: COL1 
(62 reviews)

£28.19 Incl. Vat

Prostable Feed Skip
Prostable Feed Skip is a strong and flexible feed skip that is very tough and durable. The diameter of the bowl is 40cm and it is 14cm high. Ideal for use around the farm and stableyard.

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Lintbells YuMEGA Itchy Dog
YuMEGA Itchy Dog is a natural, high quality supplement for dogs prone to feeling itchy. Our premium cold-pressed oils are recommended by vets to soothe itches and calm sensitive skin conditions in dogs – expect results in 4-6 weeks.

Item #: YUMEGAP 
(7 reviews)

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Moxidectin Concentrate Liquid Wormer 100ml
Moxidectin Concentrate Liquid Wormer for pigeons. For treatment of roundworms, hairworms and external parasites.

£9.89 Incl. Vat

Easitox Insect Drops 5ml
Insect control for racing pigeons, kills mites, lice, ticks & fleas. Part the feathers on the back of the neck and apply one drop per bird. May be repeated monthly.

Item #: EASITOX 
(18 reviews)

£5.39 Incl. Vat

Net-Tex Fly Repellent Advanced
Net-Tex Fly Repellent Advanced will offer protection against flying insects in excess of three days with just ONE application. Advanced technology and a natural compound developed by Net-Tex ensures that the turned out horse will live life stress free of flying insects for days on end.

(19 reviews)

From £12.65 Incl. Vat

Red Top Fly Trap
Goodbye to flies! Red top fly trap! The ultimate fly trap!

Item #: REDTOP 
(2 reviews)

£9.55 Incl. Vat

Net-Tex Itch Stop Salve Summer Freedom 600ml (Previously Itch Stop Salve)
Nettex Itch Stop Salve / Summer Freedom is an advanced salve which helps repel and protect against insects and biting flies. This patented formulation is used successfully in over 20 countries worldwide every year.

(7 reviews)

£19.59 Incl. Vat

Barrier H Ragwort Killer 5L
Barrier H Ragwort Killer 5L is a fully licensed, environmentally friendly herbicide that destroys ragwort in record time!

Item #: RAGW5 
(12 reviews)

£47.99 Incl. Vat

Frontline HomeGard Household Flea Spray 400ml
Frontline HomeGard is the new household flea spray from the manufacturers of Frontline Spot On, the UK's No.1 flea and tick protection.

£6.39 Incl. Vat

Lugols Aqueous Iodine 100ml
This is used as a traditional diet supplement in Racing Pigeons to ensure thyroid development essentiual for immunity and stamina

Item #: LUGOLS 
(7 reviews)

£6.29 Incl. Vat

Lintbells YuDIGEST Tablets
YuDIGEST Dogs is a daily probiotic/prebiotic complex developed to support the natural balance in your pet's digestive system – ideal for dogs and cats with sensitive tummies.

(5 reviews)

From £9.89 Incl. Vat

MagicBrush (pack of 3)
MagicBrush is sold in sets of three. The trendy colours match your outfit and ensure hygienic handling due to the distinctive colours.

(17 reviews)

From £10.55 Incl. Vat

Easicox coccidiosis treatment for pigeons & rabbits 250ml
Easicox Coccidiosis Treatment for Pigeons & Rabbits 250ml. This treatment comes in a 250ml bottle and any treatment for pigeons is best avoided during the moult.

Item #: EASICOX 
(10 reviews)

£10.79 Incl. Vat

Easifen Liquid Wormer for pigeons 100ml
Easifen Liquid Wormer controls Roundworms (Ascarids), Hairworms (Capillaria) plus worm larvae and eggs in pigeons and cage birds.

Item #: EASIF 
(25 reviews)

£8.09 Incl. Vat

Net-Tex Summer Fly Cream for horses 600ml
Net-Tex Summer Fly Cream for Horses is a D.E.E.T. based, non-greasy, readily absorbed fly cream.

Item #: SUMMFLY 
(4 reviews)

£7.79 Incl. Vat

Tri-Max Capsules (pack of 50)
Treats coccidiosis, canker and all worms in pigeons.

Item #: TRIMAX 
(6 reviews)

£20.69 Incl. Vat

Maxavita MaxaCalm 900g
Maxavita MaxaCalm 900g. A day-to-day calming supplement containing optimum levels of Magnesium and L-Tryptophan for a stress free horse.

(8 reviews)


Easijector for pigeon vaccines
An easy way to ensure accurate dosage of vaccines and other injectable products.

£26.99 Incl. Vat

Bonio Original Dog Treats
Bonio Original. The original! Oven baked and made from a selection of wholesome, nutritious ingredients.

Item #: BONIOO 
(1 reviews)

From £1.09 Incl. Vat

Easicanker Soluble (pack of 10 sachets)
For treatment of Trichomoniasis in Racing and Show Pigeons. Contains Ronidazole 10%.

Item #: EAS10 
(12 reviews)

£14.39 Incl. Vat

Duo-Cox Plus Soluble (pack of 5 sachets)
Duo-Cox Plus Soluble. Coccidiosis & canker treatment for racing & show pigeons. Combined treatment for both Trichomoniasis and Coccidiosis.

Item #: DUOCOX 
(6 reviews)

£14.39 Incl. Vat

Pet Rebellion Barrier Rug - Wipe Paws and Carry On
Pet Rebellion Stop Muddy Paws rugs not only look great, but they also keep the mud at the door - trapping the dirt from paws and boots.

(6 reviews)

£9.99 Incl. Vat

Lintbells YuDIGEST Plus Sachets
YuDIGEST PLUS for Dogs is a premium quality digestive supplement which provides fast support for troubled tummies, and helps manage ongoing upsets.

(4 reviews)

From £5.39 Incl. Vat

40 Winks Plush Bone Mattress
Grey mattress with stylish bone pattern to complement any home. Luxury desirable beds for dogs.

From £6.89 Incl. Vat

40 Winks Grey Tweed Mattress
Grey mattress with stylish tweed pattern to complement any home. Luxury desirable beds for dogs.

From £9.45 Incl. Vat

Pedigree Jumbone Maxi - Turkey Flavour 210g
Pedigree Jumbone Maxi with Turkey flavour is the perfect longer lasting treat for your dog this Christmas.

(1 reviews)

£1.15 Incl. Vat

Pedigree Gravy Bones Original
Pedigree Gravy Bones Original Dog Treat. Gravy Bones have all the crunchiness he loves in a biscuit, combined with a delicious meaty coating to make it one of the tastiest dog treat biscuits around.

Item #: GRAVYBO 
(8 reviews)

From £1.99 Incl. Vat

Durasect P 100ml
apply when red mites are noticed and repeat as necessary at a minimum interval of 14 days. may also be used as a loft spray.

Item #: DEO100 
(3 reviews)

£8.99 Incl. Vat

Pet Munchies Salmon Fillets 90g
Made from 100% Natural Quality Wild Salmon. This is a super healthy premium gourmet treat. which is easy to break into suitable size for any dog.

£2.55 Incl. Vat

Jeyes Fluid 5L
Jeyes Fluid can be used for a multitude of outdoor cleaning tasks, from neutralising odours and killing bacteria in and around drains, to disinfecting after pet fouling or clearing up wild and domestic bird mess. It is also perfect for clearing fungi, mould and algae from paths, driveways and patios as well as cleaning and disinfecting pots prior to planting.

Item #: JEYES5L 
(3 reviews)

£38.29 Incl. Vat

Maxavita MaxaBiotic 900g
Maxavita MaxaBiotic 900g. Specifically designed to help maintain a healthy gut and promote intestinal health and encourages 'good bacteria' to optimise gut function.

(2 reviews)

£15.59 Incl. Vat

Maxavita MaxaPower 900g
Maxavita MaxaPower 900g. A unique muscle building formula designed to help support and maintain healthy circulation and optimal muscle function in working horses.


Pet Rebellion Barrier Rug - Brown
Every doggy/feline home should have a Stop Muddy Paws Barrier Rug! The stylish way to make sure that muddy footprints are not trailed through the house.

(1 reviews)

£9.99 Incl. Vat

Coligone Powder 3kg
Designed to be fed daily, this supplementary powder assists the horse to maintain a healthy digestive tract by ensuring that acid levels remain balanced.


Pet Munchies Chicken Training Treats
These premium gourmet tasty bites, made from the finest ingredients, make the perfect training aid.

From £1.35 Incl. Vat

Hentastic Chick Sticks Hanging Feeder
Hentastic Chick Sticks Hanging Feeder. Specially designed and UK manufactured feeder for use with Hentastic Chick Sticks®. Easy to load and easy to clean.

£3.89 Incl. Vat

Bonio Mini 10kg
Our Bonio biscuits are oven-baked to maintain the crunchy, traditional texture and provide your dog with a treat he will love!

(2 reviews)

£19.09 Incl. Vat

Pet Rebellion Barrier Rug - Grey Big Paw
Every doggy/feline home should have a Stop Muddy Paws Barrier Rug! It is the stylish way to make sure that muddy footprints are not trailed through the house.

Item #: BARRRG 
(1 reviews)

£9.99 Incl. Vat

Dublin Cherwell Mid Boots
HBR For waterproof protection from the elements and breathable to keep your feet comfortable and dry

From £88.79 Incl. Vat

Pet Munchies Salmon Chews
Made from 100% Natural Quality Wild Salmon skins, this is the ultimate super healthy chew for dogs.

From £2.29 Incl. Vat

40 Winks Brown Tweed Mattress
Brown mattress with stylish tweed pattern to complement any home. Luxury desirable beds for dogs.

From £8.29 Incl. Vat

Toggi Element Ladies Waterproof Jacket - Black
The Toggi Element Ladies Waterproof Jacket has waterproof paneling with a feminine styling. It features contrast colour blocking and piping to flatter the ergonomic shaping.

From £46.99 Incl. Vat

WeatherBeeta Parka 1200D Dog Coat - Fox Print
Long lasting waterproof and breathable dog coat with a super strong 1200 denier triple weave outer that is waterproof and breathable, polyester lining and warm 220g polyfill.

From £13.99 Incl. Vat

Rosewood Diamond Dog Sweater - Grey/Orange
Fashion knitwear for your pet! Cute diamond design. Keep your pet warm and cosy this winter. Hand wash only

From £4.99 Incl. Vat

Pet Munchies Chicken Strips
They are made from the finest quality meat delicately cooked in its own natural juices. They are high in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates.

From £2.55 Incl. Vat

Rosewood Cable Knit Dog Sweater with Faux Fur Collar - Pink
Fashion knitwear for your pet! Cute cable knit design with soft fur collar. Keep your pet warm and cosy this winter. Hand wash only

From £6.49 Incl. Vat