Respiratory Supplements for Horses

We stock a range of respiratory supplements for horses to support your horse's own natural lung defences from our best sellers Allergeze Plus to Feedmark Clarity, a completely natural and effective formulation designed to support and soothe the respiratory tract by helping to clear excess mucus. Check out our full range below.

Maxavita MaxaBreathe 900g
Maxavita MaxaBreathe 900g. A daily supplement packed with antioxidants to support the respiratory immune system and combat the signs of respiratory disease.


Audevard Balsamic Air 500ml
BALSAMIC AIR AUDEVARD is a dietary concentrate made of essential oils and plant extracts. It participates in the maintenance of healthy airways in horses throughout the year.


Gold Label Garlic Powder
A calibrated amount of pure garlic in a cereal base. Garlic has been shown to help maintain clear respiration.

From £2.75

Lincoln Herbal Koff Syrup
Lincoln Herbal Koff Syrup. Quick acting relief. Soothes the respiratory tract. Ideal for dust irritations.

From £5.65

Audevard Balsamic Control 1kg
BALSAMIC CONTROL is a complementary feed formulated by AUDEVARD Laboratories. It has been designed to provide additional nutrition to meet the respiratory needs of horses that live in dusty environments (pollen, mould etc.) and young racehorses undergoing training.


Respimin Respiratory Equine Supplement 800g
Respimin is used to support equines recovering from respiratory diseases such as acute, sub-acute and chronic infections (bronchitis, bronchiolitis and bronchopneumonia and other viral respiratory diseases) and respiratory allergies and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).


EasiVet Allergeze Plus
New improved Allergeze Plus is a combination of natural ingredients and has been tested near our local rapefields. Contains Camomile and Methionine, which when blended with B group vitamins have been shown to reduce histamine levels.


Dermoline Soothing Throat Syrup 250g
For winter & dust irritations. Maintains a healthy respiratory system.

£12.65 Incl. Vat

No Wheeze
Often described as a pipe-opener, this remarkable product is a must-have for any horses that have suffered with wind, respiratory, sinus and bronchial problems.


Equistro Secreta Pro Max
Concentrate containing carefully researched beneficial herbs plus vitamin E. Used to support the bronchial system and natural defences on a long term basis.

From £43.45

Winergy Ventil-Ate
WINERGY VENTIL-ATE is a unique pelleted supplement, scientifically proven to support your horse's own natural lung defenses. Its exclusive formulation provides powerful nutrient support through a specific combination of antioxidants including vitamin C, vitamin E and Selenium.


Global Herbs PolleneX for Horses
PolleneX offers soothing comfort from irritating airborne particles. Specifically designed to support the respiratory system, this highly effective herbal blend can be used all year round - for high pollen count in summer and dusty stables in winter.

From £219.99

Ekybleed 490g
A nutritional support formulated by AUDEVARD Laboratoires. It is designed to provide nutritional support to sport horses in preparation for increased respiratory effort.


Effol Med BronchoCare Bonbons (2 x 14)
EFFOL MED BRONCHOCARE-DRAGEES to ease throat irritations for humans and horses. Sugar-free herbal sweets with sweeteners.

£3.09 Incl. Vat

Wendals Respiration 1kg
Includes garlic, fennel and liquorice root. Soothes respiratory system and helps stable coughs and irritations by clearing mucus.


Equistro Respadril
Equistro Respadril is a liquid feed supplement containing 6 selected herbs plus copper. For short-term administration


Global Herbs PolleneX Liquid
PolleneX offers soothing comfort from irritating airborne particles. Specifically designed to support the respiratory system, this highly effective herbal blend can be used all year round - for high pollen count in summer and dusty stables in winter.


Horslyx Respiratory 15kg
Horslyx Respiratory Balancer is designed to provide a unique two-pronged approach in supporting a healthy respiratory system.


Hilton Herbs Freeway Gold
The liquid version of our dried formula, this tried and tested product will help maintain healthy, efficient airways and resistance to irritants and infections all year round. We particularly recommend this mix for stabled horses or those who have restricted turnout.

From £26.25

Wendals Special Respiration for Horses 1kg
Wendals Special Respiration for Horses 1kg. A finer ground variation of our Wendals Respiration. Ideal for horses with particularly bad or stubborn cases of mucus discharge.


Cough Free 454g
Helps with colds, heaves (broken wind) and allergies. 100% natural formula of herbs and minerals developed by an Amish horse expert.


Hilton Herbs Freeway
FREEWAY for horses, ponies and donkeys is formulated to maintain and support a healthy and efficient airway.

From £26.89

Hilton Herbs Easy Mare Plus 500ml
A fast-acting liquid feed supplement designed with the equine athlete in mind. The most natural way to help your performance mare remain relaxed, calm & attentive throughout her oestrus cycle whilst maintaining normal balanced hormone levels, enabling her to work effectively & comfortably at all times.