Poultry Food & Treats

We stock a great range of poultry food from our best sellers, a Chicken Lickin' Nutri-Sect Insect Mix which is a delectable mix of whole grains, insects and tasty morsels to delight your chickens to one of our poultry treats a Feathers & Beaky Chicken Gym Hoop & Hurdle, a fun way to give your chicken extra exercise – for their bodies and brains. Check out our full range of chicken food below.

EMP Egg Food 1kg
EMP Egg Food Caged Bird Food. EMP Egg food for caged birds is a broadly based well balanced soft egg food for cage and aviary birds. EMP is blended with the finest quality ingredients including real egg.

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Feathers & Beaky Free Range Chicken Grit 5kg
Feathers Beaky Chicken Grit is a mixture of flint grit and limestone grit, oyster shell, cockle shell and charcoal.

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Feathers & Beaky Vegetable Holder
A versatile addition to your chicken run, this vegetable holder will keep your chickens' favourite veg clean and dry and will help prevent unwanted visitors (ie rats!). Plus if you hang it higher, it can provide extra exercise; which is great fun to watch!

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£13.09 Incl. Vat

Feathers & Beaky Free Range Chicken Treat 5kg
Feathers & Beaky Chicken Treat is a little different from the traditional mixed corn. We've gathered all the things that chickens love and mixed them into a deliciously good treat.


Feathers & Beaky Free Range Layers Pellets
Feathers Beaky Layers Pellets is for hens over 16 weeks. Feathers Beaky Layers Pellets is also suitable for cockerels and roosters.

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Feathers & Beaky Free Range Chick Crumbs 4kg
Feathers Beaky Chick Crumbs is the ideal food for chicks up to 8 weeks old.


Natures Grub Chick Grit 1.5kg
Natures Grub Chick Grit is a small grit suitable for all young or small birds, grit is used in the birds crop to break down the food prior to swallowing, helping aid digestion. Grit should be supplied in a separate feeder.


MannaPro Chicken Toy
This fun treat ball is entertaining for both you and your flock! Simply pull the two sides of the ball apart, fill with Harvest Delight™ treat mix, reclose and roll it in front of your chickens!

£5.05 Incl. Vat

Natures Grub Mega Pecker Poultry Pecking Block 1.2kg
A unique 1.2kg block that can be hung as a single or stacked in multiples using our specially designed rope hanger.


Natures Grub Mixed Grit 1.5kg
Natures Grub Mixed Grit is a combination of Oyster Shell & Hen Grit. Oyster Shell provides calcium whilst the grit is used in the crop to grind food to ensure that your birds are able to eat & digest their food. Mixed Grit should be offered from an additional feeder.


Silvermoor Rope Kit
To get your Swinger swinging you’ll need this handy rope. It is 146cm in length and should be hung away from any surfaces. Full instructions are provided on the packet.

£4.49 Incl. Vat

Silvermoor Peckers 1kg
The unique design should be hung at head height to make best use of the product and promote natural pecking behaviour.


Natures Grub Hen Grit 1.5kg
Natures Grub Hen Grit is a blend of Oyster Shell, Grit & Charcoal, Oyster Shell provides essential calcium whilst grit is used in the crop to break down food. Charcoal is provided as a great aid for digestion. Hen Grit should be offered from a separate feeder.


Mr Johnsons Chick Crumb 5kg
Mr. Johnson's Chick Crumb has been specially formulated to provide a natural balanced diet which keeps your poultry productive and healthy.