Horse Wormers

Horse Wormers including treatments for tapeworm which is present in up to 69% of horses in the UK and commonly treated for as part of a strategic worm control strategy in Spring and Autumn. Any horse is at risk of infection but the horses most at risk are those under 5 years old, and suitable horse wormers should be used Please check each wormer carefully and read the data sheet. If you need advice on horse wormers please give us a ring on 01833 641112. As one of the largest suppliers of horse wormers we are able to offer cheaper prices and a great range of products. At the Equine Pharmacy we can give advice on September or October for leading up to autumn and winter horse wormers including tapeworm time treatments as well as the encysted small redworm. We also offer advice on horse wormers or whether to do a full egg count in the summer so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need any advice. You can now filter by brand or weight as well as price of wormers.

Latest news: Equest Pramox horse wormer now 700kg tube and fully licensed for breeding, pregnant and lactating mares. Equest Wormer is available as a 700kg tube.

Equest Pramox Horse Wormer
Equest Pramox contains the same unique active ingredient as Equest Gel, but also contains the drug of choice for the control of tapeworm. Each tube treats 700kg. Pramox will control Tapeworm for 6 months and the regular dosing interval is 13 weeks. Also licensed for pregnant, breeding and lactating mares.

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Equest Horse Wormer Gel
Equest has a unique two week persistent action and will treat a 700kg horse and has the longest dosing interval of any regular horse wormer at 13 weeks. Equest will treat pregnant and lactating mares, stallions and foals from four months of age but is not suitable for Donkeys.

Item #: EQUEST700 
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Equimax Gel Horse Wormer
Equimax wormer for horses for redworm, bots and tapeworm. Equimax lasts for 8-10 weeks and will treat a 700kg bodyweight horse. Equimax is a combination horse wormer.

Item #: EQUIMAX 
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Animec Paste Wormer for horses
Animec horse wormers contain ivermectin 18.7mg/g. Animec treats roundworms, bloodworms, pinworms, neck threadworms and bots. Perfect for rotational worming. Withdrawal period for meat and offal: 34 days

Item #: ANIMEC 
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Eqvalan Duo Horse Wormer Paste
Eqvalan Duo Horse Wormer is used for the treatment of mixed cestode (tapeworm) and nematode (roundworm) or arthropod (bot) infestations in horses. The contents of one syringe will treat up to 600kg of bodyweight.

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Strongid P Horse Wormer Paste
Strongid P Paste for horses treats 600kg bodyweight of horse per tube. Use two tubes for tapeworm treatment i.e. dose for twice the horses bodyweight. Lasts 4-6 weeks. Strongid is suitable for use in pregnant horses and lactating mares and foals from four weeks.

Item #: STRHP 
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Eraquell Horse Wormer Larger Tube Treats 700kg Bodyweight
Eraquell wormer is ideal for the larger horse and treats 700kg bodyweight. Eraquell horse wormers contain ivermectin and has a dosing interval of 8-10 weeks in horses.

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From £4.35 Incl. Vat

Eqvalan Horse Wormer Paste
Eqvalan horse wormer paste contains Ivermectin, the same ingredient as Eraquell, and works for 8 weeks. One tube treats 600kg body weight of horse. These horse wormers treat lungworm in donkeys and horses. No adverse effects reported in pregnant mares, donkeys, or breeding stallions. Withdrawal period for meat and offal: 21 days

Item #: EQV 
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Noromectin Equine Wormer Paste
Noromectin Equine Wormer Paste kills the adult and larval stages of the important internal parasites of horses. These include small redworms which are resistant to benzimidazole-based wormers, the arterial stages of the large redworm, lungworms and bots. Contains ivermectin and each syringe will treat 700kg bodyweight.

Item #: NOROM 
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Noropraz Horse Wormer Paste
Noropraz Horse Wormer Paste. For the treatment of mixed cestode and nematode or arthropod infestations, due to adult and immature roundworms, lungworms, bots and tapeworms in horses. Apple flavoured. Each syringe of these horse wormers treats 700kg bodyweight.

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Equimax Tabs (each pack treats 800kg)
Equimax wormer tablets for horses treat all roundworms (except encysted stages), tapeworms and Bots in horses, one pack will treat 800kg, one tablet per 100kg.

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From £15.09 Incl. Vat

Panacur Equine Guard Horse Wormer 225ml
Panacur Equine Guard liquid horse wormer is a five day course that treats encysted redworm in horses. Contains Fenbendazole. One bottle of Panacur Guard will treat 600kg body weight of horse. These horse wormers are suitable fo use in pregnant mares and young foals. Ideal in horses with an unknown worming history.

Item #: PAN225 
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Pyratape P Horse Worming Paste - expiry date 31/08/19
Pyratape wormer for horses contains Pyrantel embonate. Treats 600kg bodyweight per tube. Double dose needed for horse tapeworm. Pyratape horse wormers last 4-6 weeks during grazing season, and every 6 - 8 weeks for the rest of the year. Suitable for use in pregnant horses and lactating mares and foals from four weeks, from the equine pharmacy wormers.

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Panacur Horse Wormer Paste
Panacur wormer for horses is apple cinnamon flavoured so it may be of help for horses that are harder to worm, contains fenbendazole and wormer for about 4-6 weeks. from the Equine Pharmacy. Panacur Horse Wormers treat 600kg body weight of horse and are suitable for pregnant mares and foals.

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Panacur Horse Wormer Granules
Panacur Horse Wormer Granules. Last 6-8 weeks. One sachet will treat 300kg bodyweight. In relative terms that means that two sachets are equal to one panacur horse wormer paste. These horse wormers granule are mixed with feed for easy administation.

Item #: PANHG 
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Embotape Horse Wormer Paste
Embotape wormer is for the control of large and small strongyles, pinworms, roundworms in horses and other equines, it contains pyrantel embonate if you are dosing a horse from tapeworm you will require a double dose.

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Hyperdrug Faecal Roundworm Egg Count Kit For One Horse
Horse worm egg count test kit for easy to use faecal worm count service for equines. Ideal for all horse owners from yards to owners of a single horse.

Item #: HYPWCC 
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Panacur Liquid 10%
Panacur liquid wormer suspension can be put in the feed 1litre will treat 26 average size horses. Treats most roundworms and also kills worm eggs, 7.5ml per 100kg dosage, suitable for pregnant mares and foals. Suitable for cattle sheep and horses.

Item #: PAN1L 
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Bimectin Horse Wormer Paste
Bimectin is a wormer for horses and contains the active ingredient ivermectin it is an oral paste and these horse wormers are apple flavoured to improve palatability.

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Eraquell Horse Wormer Tablets Treats 800kg Bodyweight
Eraquell tablets are the convenient way to treat your horse for worms. Most horses will take them as a treat! Treats 800kg of bodyweight.

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Vectin Horse Wormer Paste
Vectin ivermectin horse wormer paste is indicated for the treatment of nematode or arthropod infestations in horses due to large strongyles, small strongyles, lungworms, pinworms, ascarids, hairworms, large-mouth stomach worms, neck threadworms and stomach bots. Vectin Horse Wormers contain ivermectin. Each syringe will treat 600kg bodyweight of horse.

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Panacur Equine Guard with Apple & Cinnamon Flavour 225ml
5 day course for encysted redworm 225ml pack treats 600kg body weight

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EquiSal Tapeworm Test Kit For One Horse
For the first time, you can simply and easily test your horse for tapeworm. Until now, it has been difficult to detect tapeworm burdens as worm egg counts do not reliably detect tapeworms and blood tests are very costly and inconvenient.

Item #: EQUISAL 
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Weight Measure Tape
Used to calculate accurate dosing of horse wormers

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Branded Weigh Tape
Dosing for the correct body weight is essential especial when worming. Under dosing can cause resistance and will not clear the current worm burden. Over dosing is not economic.

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Hyperdrug Pinworm Test Kit For One Equine
To test for pinworm use the provided adhesive tape to take an impression from under the horse's tail.

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Equimax Yard Pack (contains 48 tubes)
Equimax®is an all-in-one, combination wormer containing two different active ingredients Equimax is capable of treating multiple-specie infestations. 48 tubes.

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Eraquell Yard Pack (contains 48 tubes)
Handy yard pack of 48 individual Eraquell tubes in an easy to carry box for the professional yard.

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