We stock a wide range of farrowing supplies for farrowing pigs ranging from our best sellers, Hyperdrug Milk Replacer a top quality milk replacement powder highly suitable for young puppies, foals and in fact almost any young mammals including cats & pigs to a Pet-Ag Feeding Kit for use in all small animals including kittens and puppies. Check out our full range of farrowing products below.

Infra Red Par Bulb 38 ES 175w
175W PAR bulb are more energy efficient producing the same heat as a 250W. Bulbs produce heat and light.

From £7.65 Incl. Vat

Battles Strong Iodine Solution 7.5%
Battles Strong Iodine Solution. A traditional high-strength disinfectant solution with many veterinary uses. Suitable for most animals, including poultry.

From £8.79 Incl. Vat

Liquid Life Aid Oral Solution 960ml
For oral use, to reverse the process of dehydration and electrolyte loss associated with scours in calves and pigs whether due to nutritional, bacterial or viral causes. It is also indicated as an aid in recovery from pregnancy toxaemia and reversal of hypoglycaemia in sheep. A clear yellow, aqueous, concentrated solution.

£10.79 Incl. Vat

Standard Heat Lamp
Very high quality industrial rated heat lamp. Complete with high temperature bulb holder (Edison screw) aluminium reflector guard and hanging chain - max bulb 250 w. Complete with fitted 13 A plug. Infra-Red lamp assembly & 5m cable (Bulb not included)

£22.15 Incl. Vat

Battles Veterinary Iodine Solution 2.5%
A general purpose skin disinfectant for use in the management of livestock.

From £6.55 Incl. Vat

Pet-Ag Feeding Kit
For use in all small animals including kittens and puppies. Kit contains feeding bottle, bottlebrush and two teats. Comes in 2oz or 4oz

From £6.09 Incl. Vat

Volac Faramate Replacement Milk For Pigs 10kg
Volac Faramate Replacement Milk for Pigs 10kg. The first solution to milk replacement for sows that has been made from a milk protein.


Lubrel All Purpose Lubricant
Lubrel All Purpose Lubricant. An all purpose lubricant, and may be used by the operator with or without gloves/sleeves for calvings, foalings, lambings, farrowings, embryo transplant work, etc.

From £7.45 Incl. Vat

Ceramic Dull Emitter Bulb
Produces only heat not light Infra-red ceramic bulb. screw fitting

£19.59 Incl. Vat

Delux Heat Lamp with Dimmer Switch
12 aluminium reflector with safety guard and one metre of chain plus quality heat resistant Edison screw lamp holder. Lead is 1.5 metres long and fitted with 13 amp plus and dimmer control to reduce output and power consumption by 50% (Bulb not included)

£43.25 Incl. Vat

Hyperdrug Milk Replacer for Lambs/Calves/Foals 5kg
Top quality milk replacement powder. Either to replace the mother`s milk completely or to supplement it where it may be inadequate. Reconstitute by mixing with warm water according to the directions on the container.


Battles Glucose Powder
An energy source for all livestock.

From £3.19

Vetericyn Super 7+ Navel Dip Liquid Spray 500ml
Super 7+ Navel Dip is an umbilical cord dry-out and protective solution for newborn animals. This is a safe & effective alternative to strong iodine.

£18.09 Incl. Vat

Vetericyn Plus Wound & Skin Care HydroGel Spray
Vetericyn Plus Wound & Skin Care HydroGel Spray - cleans and protects. Topical application for wounds, cuts, abrasions, irritations & scratches.

From £9.39 Incl. Vat

Gleptosil Injection 100ml
Gleptosil injection 100ml for the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anaemia in piglets.

£21.65 Incl. Vat

J Lube Powder 284g
J-LUBE® is a concentrated powder that dissolves easily in water and is a very effective obstetrical lubricant. J-LUBE® is completely inert and non-irritating. 284g plastic bottle with shaker top makes 6–8 gallons of lubricant

£62.80 Incl. Vat

Gas Piglet Detailer Spare Knife
Gas Piglet Detailer Spare Knife. A replacement blade knife for the pig detailer (gas).

£20.55 Incl. Vat

Gas Piglet Detailer
Gas Piglet Detailer docks and cauterises piglet tails in one simple action. Reflil using lighter gas canister.

£105.99 Incl. Vat

Piglet Tooth Grinder
Rechargeable tooth grinder for quick and painless grinding of newborn piglet teeth.

£521.65 Incl. Vat

Vink Piglet Tail Docker- Extended Life
Piglet Tail Docker heats up to its operating temperature of 700 degrees. The specially shaped high temperature blade ensures perfect cauterisation.

£209.40 Incl. Vat

Vink Piglet Tail Docker Blade
Vink Piglet Tail Docker Blade. A replacement blade for the battery operated piglet tail docker.

£22.89 Incl. Vat