Appetite Stimulant for Horses

We stock appetite stimulant for horses from cider vinegar to help increase the appetite to Equivite Body Builder a unique concentrated non-heating conditioning pellet, that can make a visible difference in as little as 2 weeks. Check out our full range below.

Cider Vinegar
A liquid feed supplement for horses, ponies and dogs. Can help increase the appetite.

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Dodson & Horrell Mint
Dodson & Horrell Mint. An ideal supplement to encourage your horse to eat, normalising their appetite and optimising their digestion.

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From £7.69

Gold Label Cider Vinegar & Honey
A liquid feed supplement for older, arthritic and laminitic horses and ponies.

From £6.35

NAF Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar is a good source of Vitamins A & C, and the minerals calcium and phosphorous. It is used to support general health and vitality and is a traditional approach for the early stages of compromised joint function.

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From £8.85

Collovet 1L
Collovet is a therapeutic and easily ingested feed supplement.

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Twydil Hemopar 1L
Twydil Hemopar is an appetite stimulant that helps maintain good liver function and prevent ulcers.


Gold Label Molasses Liquid 5L
A highly palatable liquid to mix with feed. An essential food additive for ‘fussy’ eaters and those that need instant energy.

Item #: GOLDLML 
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Lincoln Molasses for horses
Lincoln Molasses for horses. A high energy sweet and tasty appetiser supplement containing 40% natural sugars.

From £4.70

Keratex Zeolite 900g
Trapping the maximum amount of nutrients available in normal feeds and supplements.

Item #: ZEOLITE 
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Dodson & Horrell Echinacea Liquid
Dodson & Horrell Echinacea Liquid. Widely reported to help support and strengthen the immune system and particularly beneficial for horses and ponies that are under the weather or underperforming.

From £16.39

Gold Label Cider Vinegar for Horses & Ponies
A liquid feed supplement for older, arthritic and laminitic horses and ponies.

From £3.45

Lincoln Mint for horses 300g
Lincoln Mint for horses 300g. A pleasantly flavoured herb supplement that optimises equine digestion.


Horse First B Well
Horse First B Well. The complete appetite stimulant for fussy eaters to fit racehorses. Rebalances the digestive system, stimulates the reproduction of natural flora and enables the horse to utilise feed more efficiently.

From £16.55

Barrier Hay Boost 500ml
Hay Boost is a unique, highly palatable, easily absorbed complementary supplement specifically designed to help improve the nutritional content of hay and tempt fussy eaters.

From £8.19

Gold Label Appetiser for Horses 1kg
Gold Label Appetiser for Horses 1kg. A blended form of herbs to use as an appetiser for shy feeders.

Item #: GOLDLA 
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Gold Label Weight On for Horses 5kg
Gold Label Weight-On for Horses 5kg. Contains a combination of ingredients for weight gain.


Global Herbs SuperSkratch for Horses
Global Herbs SuperSkratch for Horses. SuperSkratch is a popular product as horse owners want the best product to help them with their horse’s difficult skin worries.

From £37.50

Lincoln Cyder Vinegar for horses
Lincoln Cyder Vinegar for horses. A nutritional supplement and general appetite stimulant for horses.

From £3.99

TRM Neutracid 3.75L
TRM Neutracid 3.75L is a body acid neutraliser and alkali replacer for horses.


Gold Label Equigestion for Horses 1kg
A superior appetite stimulant for horses containing illicium to help maintain a healthy digestion.


TopSpec Donkey Forage Balancer 20kg
TopSpec Donkey Forage Balancer 20kg. Designed for donkeys that are overweight or need their weight controlling. It is rich in micro-nutrients but low in both protein and calories.