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Zylkene Capules

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Zylkene Capules - Zylkene Capules

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Zylkène is a novel product, which is proven to help manage stress in dogs and cats.
There are many common causes of stress for dogs and cats, as for their owners! Many animals (especially cats) find change difficult to deal with and Zylkène can help facilitate adaptation to change.

Common causes of stress include:
Moving house
Arrival of a new baby or a new pet
A new cat moving into the outside territory
Sudden noise e.g. fireworks or thunderstorms
Cattery or Kennel stay
Many cats also find living with other cats stressful

Dogs and cats obviously cannot tell us how they are coping, but they can alter their behaviour. There are many different ways pets can show stress including:
Posture changes e.g. crouching, dilated pupils
Changed demeanour
House soiling
Changes use of their environment e.g. changed resting place, reduced exploration or stopped visiting a certain part of the house
Changes in pattern of sleeping
Habits such as excessive licking and grooming
Reduced play
Changed interaction with humans or other pets – can be increased or decreased

Some signs are more easily recognised than other – cats in particular show stress by ‘withdrawal’ behaviours such as hiding more and resting on a higher surface e.g. top of wardrobe rather than a chair.

Some of these behaviours can also have a medical cause so it is very important to see your vet to you discuss if Zylkène is suitable for your pet.

Zylkène comes in capsules which are colour coded for size. It only needs to be given once daily, and is easy to give. Simply open the capsule, and mix the palatable powder with food or a treat. Zylkène has not been associated with any side effects.

Behaviour modification techniques can also help
your pet to deal with stress – ask your vet or
behaviouralist for advice.

What is Zylkene?

Zylkene is a natural product, proven to help manage stress in cats and dogs. Zylkene quickly helps pets to cope with many challenging situations and can facilitate adaption to change.

Zylkene contains the globally patented bioactive decapeptide a-casozepine, derived from milk protein casein.

No side effects have been associated with the use of Zylkene and it can be given with other products.

Zylkene is non-chemically manufactured to human pharmaceutical standards (GMP) and the final product is hypoallergenic, preservative free and lactose free.


Zylkene is palatable and easy to give- open the capsule and mix the water- soluble powder with food or a treat such as cheese or tuna. The capsules can also be given whole.

The average daily intake required is 15mg/kg, given once daily. The pets behaviour should be re-evaluated after a 15-30 day course and the daily intake modfied if necessary.

How do I use Zylkene?

For short term stress, e.g. kennelling, begin Zylkene one day before the anticipated stressful situation and continue for the duration of the stress.

Zylkene can help manage long term stress. The initial period of use should be 1-2 months, and can be repeated as required.

Behaviour modification techniques will also aid the management of stress-related behavioural problems in dogs and cats.

Dosage and Admin:

Up to 5kg (11lb)- give one 75mg capsule daily
5-10kg (11-22lb)- give two 75mg capsules daily
10-20kg (22-44lb)- give one 225mg capsule daily
20-40kg (44-88lb)- give one 450mg capsule daily
Over 40kg (88lb)- give two 450mg capsules daily

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Did nothing for our dog..

Reviewed by: Stephen Bannister

Reviewed on: 06 October 2020

Product Variant: ZYLKENE 75MG20


The only thing that disappointed me was although my dog was a lot calmer he did still exhibit signs of stress.

Reviewed by: Shirley Telford

Reviewed on: 10 December 2019

Product Variant: ZYLKENE 75MG20


Can’t get either of my cats to take this no matter how devious I try to be.

Reviewed by: Suzanne Kyriacopoulos

Reviewed on: 21 October 2019

Product Variant: ZYLKENE 75MG20


Great product, I have a very nervous cat and this is great for when I give her a good groom and its great for fireworks.

Reviewed by: Lily Harrison

Reviewed on: 16 October 2019

Product Variant: ZYLKENE 75MG20

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