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Zn7 Gel Skincare for all Animals 60ml

Item Number: ZN7GEL

Zn7 Gel Skincare for all Animals 60ml

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Zn7 Gel Skincare for all Animals 60ml.

Skincare for all pets

Zn7™ Gel is indicated for topical use as an aid in the management of superficial abrasions, sores, rawness and other skin conditions. Zn7™ Gel can be used to soothe itching and other irritations and reduce excessive licking or scratching. A natural adjunct to steroids and antibiotics.

Technically Zn7™ Gel is zinc in bioavailable form. Veterinary and medical journals offer substantial documentation that zinc has been used from antiquity to the present for its anti-pruritic and wound healing benefits. Calamine lotion, modern medicine’s most popular anti-pruritic, is zinc based. Zinc oxide, a very popular skin healer and protector, is of course zinc-based, but is only 20% bioavailable and not water soluble.


Soothes and relieves itching and soreness - more comfort for you patient
Reduces excessive licking and scratching - aids healing process.
May be used independently or alongside conventional prescribed products - can be used as an adjunct to steroids and antibiotics.
Promotes a healthy skin - does not leave the skin dry, flaky or oily.
Tissue friendly PH - No Sting   

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to use on burns for reptiles!

Zn7™ Gel is the result of 10 years of research at a major U.S. university. After trials with over 130 combinations of zinc ion with amino acids, a select few were found that increased the zinc bioavailability. The amino acids (L-lysine and taurine) and zinc form a complex bond that inhibits the precipitation of zinc in the neutral pH (6.8 - 7.2) range.

Zinc is an essential trace element and is a component of about 300 metalloenzyme systems. Many of these enzymes play key roles in extracellular matrix re-modelling, wound healing, connective tissue repair, inflammation and cell proliferation.

The amino acids utilised are L-lysine and taurine. L-lysine is involved in collagen cross-linking, has been used in herpes therapy and helps with the formation of antibodies. Taurine, a sulphur amino acid, plays an essential role in maintaining zinc levels in serum. It has been shown that when solutions or ointments contain zinc gluconate and amino acids, zinc is easily transported across plasma membranes. It is well established that only normal zinc-sufficient cells play a key role in physiological and biochemical functions of the body.


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