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Zero In Wasp Nest Killer Foam 300ml

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Sale Zero In Wasp Nest Killer Foam 300ml

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Zero In Wasp Nest Killer Foam 300ml.

Get rid of wasp nests in the home or garden with Zero In’s Wasp Nest Killer Foam. The insecticidal foaming spray, which contains Permethrin and Tetramethrin, kills wasps on contact in the nest. It can be easily applied from two metres, allowing a safe distance between the nest and the applicator. One can of the fast acting formula is enough for 2-3 treatments.

For best results, treat nest early morning or late evening. Suitable clothing should be worn whilst treating the nest. Do not stand directly underneath nest. Repeat applications may be required.

Why do I need to treat in early morning or late at night? This is when the wasps are less active.
Do I need to wear protective clothing? We recommend that protective clothing is worn and stand well back. Be aware of the wind direction before spraying.
I have treated the nest and can still see wasps, what should I do? This is not unusual, there is enough in the aerosol for 2-3 treatments, treat again.
I cannot get to the entrance of the nest, will it still work? Depending on the position of the nest, the foam will work. However, aiming into the entrance of the nest will ensure most of the inhabitants are destroyed. If you are having difficulty treating the nest because of its position we recommend calling in a professional.
What is the active ingredient? Contains Permethrin 0.27% and Tetramethrin 0.11%

Shake well before use. Keeping the can upright and standing at least 2 metres from the nest, direct and spray the foam at the nest entrance. Spray for 8 seconds to thoroughly wet the nest, paying attention to the entrance. Do not stand directly underneath the nest and wear suitable clothing should the wasps become active. For larger nests, a 12 second burst of spray should be applied. Stand well back from the treated area after application. If the nest entrance is not visible spray where the wasps activity is seen, such as through holes or gaps in walls etc.?If wasp activity is seen again after treatment, which is not unusual, repeat the application.
Box Contains
1 x 300ml Wasp Nest Killer Foam - 300ml

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