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Zero In Home Flea Powder 300g

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Sale Zero In Home Flea Powder 300g

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Zero In Home Flea Powder 300g.

Target fleas with this home flea powder in vulnerable household areas such as on carpets, rugs, and soft furnishings.

Product Features:
Home Flea Powder also removes pet odours, leaving behind a fresh fragrance.
The powder kills cat and dog fleas and their larvae to help in fully removing parasites from your home.
Treat up to 10m2 with this pack, which is enough for repeated use in most domestic environments.

Most pet owners regularly treat their pets for fleas every few months but are unaware that the fleas still inhabit their home and return to their animals. This powder allows you to remove fleas from your home and ensures good hygiene for your pets. As a bonus, this product also combats the unpleasant odour of your pet basket, leaving behind a sweet scent. The powder is also ideal for thoroughly cleaning fibrous surfaces such as carpets, rugs, and soft furnishings.

As with any flea repellent please read the label.

Height 18cm (8"), Width 7cm (3"), Length 7cm (3")

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