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Zero In Dual Action Ant Bait Gel (Twin Pack)

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Sale Zero In Dual Action Ant Bait Gel (Twin Pack)

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Zero In Dual Action Ant Bait Gel (Twin Pack)

This bait station contains a specially formulated gel to destroy both the ants and their nests.

Product Features:
Worker ants are attracted to the bait and carry it as food back to their nest, killing the queen and colony.
The bait is enclosed - safe for children and pets.
Contains Sumithrin - an effective and commonly used insecticide.

This gel will kill the queen ant and her colony. Use with confidence around children and pets as the bait is enclosed, safe away from prying hands and paws. This is a twin pack, so it is more than suitable for tackling a relatively large ant problem.

As with any insecticide, please read the label and use responsibly.

Height 2cm (1"), Width 8cm (4"), Length 6cm (3")

Weight 98g

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