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Zero In Clothes Moth Killer Aerosol 300ml

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Sale Zero In Clothes Moth Killer Aerosol 300ml

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Zero In Clothes Moth Killer Aerosol 300ml.

This spray kills clothes moths as well as carpet beetle larva to protect your clothes and bed sheets. Simply spray into empty wardrobes, cupboards or drawers to simply and effectively eliminate your beetle and moth problems. Stop having to replace holed clothes and bedsheets with simple and convenient solution.

Kills on contact and provides long-lasting control over larvae to help completely eliminate your moth and carpet beetle problem.
This Floral fragrance for fresh smelling protection in the home.
The active ingredient is Cypermethrin - a commonly used, safe pesticide.

Height 24cm (9 1/2")
Width 6cm (3")
Length 6cm (3")
Weight: 311g

It can be very frustrating to find moths have chewed holes in your favourite jacket or bed sheet. This spray kills moths and carpet beetles on contact to protect the contents of your wardrobes and cupboards. This spray contains Cypermethrin, a safe and commonly used pesticide, so you can be sure that the insects have been eliminated. Cypmethrin degrades when exposed to sunlight, water and oxygen, so for best results this product should be sprayed directly into empty cupboards, wardrobes or drawers in order to maximise its effectiveness. As an added feature, the product also conveniently leaves behind a pleasant fragrance so that you do not have to wash any of your clothes or bed sheets after spraying.

This moth spray can be used in one of two ways. It can either be used to treat storage areas for longer term protection or to target flying moths already in a room.

To use this spray on storage areas:

Empty the storage area.
Spray the area evenly.
Leave the surface to dry before putting clothes or bedsheets back in.
This treatment gives the storage area up to 12 months protection if the area is not exposed to direct sunlight.

To use this spray on flying moths:
Spray directly at the moth in 1-2 second bursts
or if you wish to treat the whole room;
Close all entry and exit points to the room
Spray 4-5 second bursts in the room
Leave the room for 10 minutes, then ventilate the room thoroughly


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