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Vitamin Supplements
We stock a great range of vitamin supplements ranging from our best sellers, Valupak Odourless Garlic Oil Capsules which help to maintain a healthy heart and circulation as part of a balanced diet to Dalivit drops which are a multivitamin preparation through to Valupak Calcium & Vitamin D support which are essential for growth, health and longevity. Check out our full range of products below.

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Ensure Plus

Suitable as a nutritional supplement or as a sole source of nutrition for patients who cannot or will not eat sufficient quantities of everyday food and drink to meet their nutritional requirements.

Item #: ENSURE

From £1.65 inc. VAT

Lintbells iMOVE Active Joint Supplement for Humans

iMOVE is a proven triple-action supplement specifically developed for humans to aid stiff joints, help mobility and support joint structure.

Item #: IMOVE

From £16.75 inc. VAT

Calcichew D3 Forte Chewable Tablets (pack of 100)

Calcichew D3 Forte Chewable Tablets (pack of 100) for the treatment and prevention of vitamin D/calcium deficiency.

Item #: CALCID31

From £11.29 inc. VAT

Sando-K 470mg Potassium Chloride (pack of 100 Tablets)

Effervescent Tablets containing 0.6g potassium chloride Ph.Eur., 0.4g potassium bicarbonate USP

Item #: SANDOK

From £15.99 inc. VAT

Calcichew D3 Forte Chewable Tablet (pack of 60)

Calcichew D3 Forte Chewable Tablet for the treatment and prevention of vitamin D/calcium deficiency.

Item #: CALCID36

From £6.75 inc. VAT

Valupak Vitamin D 1000iu (pack of 60)

Valupak Vitamin D plays a role in the normal absorption and utilisation of calcium and helps maintain normal bones and teeth. It also supports normal immune system function and has a role in the process of cell division.

Item #: VALUPD

From £1.05 inc. VAT

Kalms Night One-A-Night (pack of 21)

Kalms Night One-A-Night
A traditional herbal remedy used to promote a refreshing, restful night’s sleep - without causing drowsiness the next day. In a convenient one tablet a night dose.

Item #: KALMS1

From £4.99 inc. VAT

Valupak Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules (pack of 30)

Omega-3 may help regulate blood cholesterol levels, strengthen blood vessels and have a positive influence on general brain function; providing the important fatty acids EPA and DHA which contribute to the normal function of the heart


From £1.89 inc. VAT

Valupak Zinc 10mg Tablets (pack of 60)

Valupak Zinc tablets help maintain healthy skin, good hair, vision and provide daily defence against colds and flu.

Item #: VALUPZ

From £5.61 inc. VAT



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