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Vetguard Disinfecting Instrument Pre Cleaner 5L

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Vetguard Disinfecting Instrument Pre Cleaner. A concentrated instrument precleaner and disinfectant soak for use prior to sterilisation of surgical instruments.
Quick: Broad-spectrum disinfection in 5 minutes.

Duality: Can be used for highly-effective manual cleaning, and ultrasonic bath cleaning.

Effective: contains a balanced system of non-ionic surfactants, sequestering agents, alkalis and grease-cutters which remove both organic and microbial loading. These prevent staining and extend the lifespan of both the instruments and the Cold Sterilant.

Easy: removes the need to scrub instruments in order to clean them, the soaking surfactant does all the work.
Protective: corrosion Inhibitors are added to protect instruments even when out of the liquid.

Instructions for use:
Shake well before use. Dilute Vetguard Disinfecting Instrument Pre Cleaner at 1.20 (e.g. 50ml product with 1ml water). Instruments should be rinsed under running water, thoroughly immersed in the solution, and soaked for 10-20 minutes. Agitation of the solution may be necessary if the instruments are heavily soiled. Remove instruments from solution and rinse thoroughly prior to sterilisation. Dilute only enough for immediate single use - if unused, discard within 7 days. Repeat as often as required by your Infection Control Protocol.
Recommended Uses: cleaning and disinfection of Instruments prior to sterilisation, cleaning and disinfection of instruments possibly sensitive to scrubbing, cleaning and disinfection of any metal equipment or surface which would benefit from the added corrosion inhibitor, ultrasonic bath solution.
Active Ingredient:
Vetguard Disinfecting Instrument Precleaner, when diluted, contains SteriTech Concentrate (a Quaternary Ammonium Compound/TriButyl Tin Oxide Blend) at a level of 0.25%

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