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Vetguard Active Wound Gel 200ml

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Vetguard Active Wound Gel 200ml

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Vetguard Active Wound Gel 200ml

Wound Protection Gel for use on horses, cats and dogs. Dries to form a ‘second skin’ in 5-10 minutes, depending on the type of wound.

Easy to apply and remove: causes no distress to the wound bed and no training is required to use Vetguard Active Wound correctly.

Economical: saves on cost of plasters, bandages and dressings.

Residual action: forms a sterile dressing, and continues to disinfect even after skin has dried, giving long-lasting protection and ensuring that wounds remain free of contaminants for ultimate peace of mind.

Effective: Keeps wounds moist, but contaminant-free, resulting in accelerated healing, and decreased scar tissue formation.

Added Bitrex: Discourages licking of the wound, and keeps flies away.

Recommended uses: use to cover wounds in hard-to-reach places or where scarring is unwanted. Excellent on the following wound types: hot spots, bites, burns, debrided wounds, fragile skin, roasties, wounds in ‘furry’ places. Used as a liquid plaster/second skin to keep wounds clean and free from bacteria.

Instructions for use: apply directly from dispenser to wound site. Spread into as thin a layer as possible using a gloved finger, gauze or spatula.

Allow 5-10 minutes to dry into a skin-like layer. DO NOT COVER THE TREATED AREA WITH A BANDAGE OR PLASTER. To remove, wet the area and wipe lightly with a clean cloth, cotton wool or gauze. Reapply daily or after washing or bathing.

For external use only.

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Bought for my cat who had sore on his back but this didn't stop him licking the gel off.

Reviewed by: Susan

Reviewed on: 13 July 2016

Product Variant: VETGAWG


Excellent product I would highly recommend.

Reviewed on: 29 June 2014

Product Variant: VETGAWG

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